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Where do I get hardware drivers for my computer? (more info and linux related)

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User Info: ShadowofSolidus

3 years ago#1
Hi guys, I'm planning to install Ubuntu on my eMachines T5230 computer. I'm just wondering where I can get hardware drivers (such as the chipset, LAN, etc.) for the eMachines computer? I know for certain that the Windows T5230 drivers won't be compatible.

Please help, thank you guys!
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User Info: superdarkshadow

3 years ago#2
Most of the drivers should be included in the Linux kernel, meaning they work out of the box. For the parts that don't, you need to identify the part, and then search for a driver on the system manufacturers site (for example ACER) or the part manufacturers (for example RealTek).

For AMD/NVIDIA GPU drivers you have three choices:
- use open source driver activated by default, these have lesser performance
- use the recommended driver via "Software Sources->install and enable any proprietary drivers", these are not the latest versions, but they almost always work without problems)
- install the driver posted on your GPU manufacturers site(AMD/NVIDIA), these are the latest drivers, but are often a little more difficult to set up(for NVIDIA for example, you need to shut down your desktop manager before you can install) and these sometimes break when your system uses a newer X server than the driver can handle or vice versa.

For the integrated Intel GPU there are no restricted drivers AFAIK.
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User Info: uwa ej

uwa ej
3 years ago#3
Everything should work out of the box. With Ubuntu, it will notify you if there are other drivers that you can use. No searching is necessary for Ubuntu
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  3. Where do I get hardware drivers for my computer? (more info and linux related)

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