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I know resident evil 6 is not a good horror game but is it at least good?

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  3. I know resident evil 6 is not a good horror game but is it at least good?

User Info: ThePonyCollie

3 years ago#21
chris1001 the sequel posted...
TheBlueDeath posted...
Rage_M posted...
Resident Evil 6 is more or less a pale imitation of what the series helped define with Resident Evil 4 as far as third-person shooters are concerned. :V

Resident evil 4 was the beginning of the end, I don't know why people enjoy it so much given the gameplay changes there are pretty much the rest of the series.

4 wasn't scary or had tension, its exactly like 5 and 6.

I had fun with 4. What really annoys me is how people rail on 6 for the QTE's, yet they are just as common in 4, yet for some reason 4 gets praise for them.

Agreed. While I enjoyed RE4, the gameplay felt broken. No decent horror and a broken action game. At least RE6 had decent action controls.

User Info: dekou

3 years ago#22
RE6 was ruined by incompetent level design and boring enemies. RE4 and 5 had some nice, open and interactive environments, but RE6 is one grey corridor after another, often with infinitely respawning zombies. Compared to it, that RE on a boat was quite good.

User Info: Justice98405

3 years ago#23
"Compared to it, that RE on a boat was quite good."

RE: Revelations?

Now THAT is a good RE game, the best in a while. It kept the over the shoulder view and controls from RE 4, but it kept the game creepy and disturbing and in a confined area, things the series was known for from the start. It also swapped out the Mercenaries mini-game (which I never cared for) for the AWESOME Raid Mode, which I hope becomes a staple of the series from now on.

I'm only bummed that the new console HD release content wasn't put into the original 3DS version somehow. That's the one I have. Oh well.
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User Info: Mr kitty

Mr kitty
3 years ago#24
The older RE mechanic is ridiculously simple in comparison to the 6th one. RE 6 is my favorite one due to that reason. It's unique & refreshing.

The most different thing about RE6 is you have to be stealthy in your attack & your enemies have bombs & guns.

If you like slow paced enemies & static cam, you will probably hate RE6.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#25
RE6 is very hit and miss and in general its enjoyment of its campaigns really depends on how much you can overlook. its a very messy game filled some genuinely good parts, mediocre parts and some flat out TERRIBLE design choices however it also has its share of crazy moments where just experiencing the absurdity on screen is enjoyable. If you go itno it expecting a janky game, play with a buddy in coop and tweak the settings a bit(like the camera, FoV, turn the cutscene qte's off ect.) and read up on how the games mechanics work(since hte gam edoes a TERRIBLE job of explaining itself) and its still a pretty enjoyable game assuming you treat it like the janky action fair that it is.

on the flip side the games campaigns are very long(20-30hours total) and tends to offer a lot of diversity(even if some of it doesnt work). the coop is great and the mp is surprisingly decent, tho i dont know how populated it is now(my guess is its fairly dead) and the mercenaries minigame is the best the series has had even to the point where if you could get this game for say $10-15 id recommend it JUST for this minigame. hell iv put 30hours into that alone. To wrap it all up is a genuinely fantastic combat system that really doesnt feel like most shooters out there assuming you use it right. Like i said though id look up a control guide since the game doesnt even tell you half of what you can do with it. Unfortunately the game doesnt have much in the way with unlockables. it pretty much went the oppasite direction of RE5 where as that was a short game filled with stuff to unlock and RE6 is a long game filled with nothing to unlock.

overall if you can get the game for cheap and keep your expectation in check its still an enjoyable time(for the most part).
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User Info: F1areaGaman

3 years ago#26
I think people are forgetting some of the scary parts of Resident Evil 4....
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User Info: Detha

3 years ago#27
RE6 has really fun multiplayer modes. The main campaigns are very shoddy though. It feels wonky.

I think it's worth it when it's on sale < $20 for No Mercy mode alone.
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User Info: HaxnStash

3 years ago#28
I play it with my brother and it's awesome. I play it by myself sometimes to increase my skills but it's definitely more fun playing it with someone.

I'm actually liking the plot so far. But then again, me and my brother play it once in a while (2-3 times a week mostly 1 chapter per playtime) and not all the time so it stays fresh throughout each play.

User Info: calcycle

3 years ago#29
AsucaHayashi posted...
lots of shooting + melee and lots of QTEs but little of much else.

leon's campaign is the one that at least tries to retain some of the series' roots.

I really like it for these reasons. I actually liked Chris's campaign a lot just because of how the j'avo mutate depending on where you hit them, allowing for more enemy variation. Zombies got nothing on them.

Also, Helena is a bad character with barely any personality while Piers is very cool and awesome.
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User Info: R_Fated_Circle

3 years ago#30
I played it co-op all the way through with one of my friends I thought it was good fun but i would not have enjoyed it nearly as much if I had to play it solo.
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