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is Remember Me any good?

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User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#1
i heard the platforming sucks but wat about rest of gmae?
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User Info: Zombified_Toast

3 years ago#2
combat wasn't too bad. I liked the combo building. There were too few of the memory changing sections which were supposed to be the main part of the game.
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User Info: pitt12177

3 years ago#3
A lot better than the hate it got. Still far off from what it could have been.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#4
thought it was fairly mediocre. Great style, but not much beyond that. the combat system is interesting in theory, but mainly boils down to taping X Y X Y, like a rhythm game with little variation and little actual combos which amounts to the same 3-4 patterns repeated constantly. its seemingly unique memory re-arrange scenes boil down to linear trial and error segments and they dont show up too often. the platforming is so handholdy and linear that it gives uncharted a run for its money. its level design is some of the most linear iv ever seen, even up there with a majority of FF13. literally most of the game is a 12foot hallway. 0 replay value.

Which is a massive shame cause the world the game creates is beautiful and you just want to see it, but you cant. the soundtrack is also pretty fantastic. Story and Voice acting are hit and miss, but the main character does a good job. The concept is also pretty interesting, but they just dont do it justice.
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User Info: SilentCaay

3 years ago#5
The story and themes are terrific, unfortunately every aspect of the gameplay is sub-par and not fully realized.

The combat is dull and the build-you-own-combos mechanic is a lot more shallow than it may appear. The extra abilities/upgrades you get usually aren't useful outside of being a "rock" to a few specific "scissors" scenarios (the Spammer is only really useful for knocking enemies off walls, the DoS attack is only really useful for making invisible enemies visible, etc). Basically, you're just mashing X and Y a lot.

The level design is pretty much completely linear but they also felt the need to hold your hand with bright arrows pointing the way. There are also tons of pop-ups and automatic pauses when you unlock new pressens and whatnot. Very fun being yanked out of combat just to be told for the 10th time that you can make combos in the combo lab.

Most of the puzzles amount to simply syncing with a memory which just means holding a button until your character learns the keycode or some such from a memory. In an awkward twist, though, there's a couple puzzles later in the game that are based on people's memories yet they don't let you sync the answer and instead make you solve a logic puzzle. Once you get to that first one you kind of have to wonder why they didn't make little logic puzzles for all the previous parts where you just held a button. It would have made for much better puzzle mechanics.

The memory mixing parts are the most interesting but there are only a couple of them. Not only is it an interesting mechanic but they really play with the concept how much emotional weight you bear when meddling with people's memories. If you're a healthy individual, you'll probably be questioning whether or not the ends justify the means during these parts. As I said, the story and themes are the game's strong point and this mechanic perfectly ties the two together. It's a shame they didn't give you the chance to use it more.

So, it really depends on whether or not you're the type of person that can push through the mediocre, even sub-par, gameplay in order to enjoy the rather interesting cyberpunk story the game has to tell. If you're a mechanics over story type of person, I'd stay away.
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User Info: Jprime666

3 years ago#6
Interesting world. Mediocre gameplay. Might be worth it if it's on sale.

Metal gear rising, dmc, dmc4, castlevania, the batman games, and darksiders2 are all better if you just want an action game.

Remember me is the most frustrating kind of bad because you can see that there were some cool ideas, but every aspect of the execution is just meh. Unlike a game like ride to hell retribution which was just unsalvagable.

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#7
ok thnx for the input guys i think im gona skip it
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People are picking apart this game is if it was supposed to be MORE. Its a beat'em up, like Final Fight. All you do is fight, run to the next area, and fight some more. Throw in a minor puzzle and data log about the world here and there. It has a interesting concept behind it, with a unique story but that's about it.

Everyone keeps grading it as if it was supposed to be some kind of open world game like Elder Scrolls, with platforming akin to Assassin's Creed, but its not.
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User Info: khunki

3 years ago#9
It was pretty good.
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User Info: Justice98405

3 years ago#10
Sadly, this game was REALLY mistreated in the public and critical opinions, for sure. People expected the BEST GAME EVA. And apparently thought this game was supposed to be open-world with more 'choices'.

Remember Me is what it is, and it's pretty damn good overall. Is it the best game of the year? No, not even close. But is it this lame/sub-par game that MANY people say it is? I don't think so at all.

The game has an awesome world and story setup, with fantastic art design and direction for the visuals. So much so, that I bought the art book for the game, and it's well worth it, if you like the look of the game. The graphics are very nice to convey the world and characters they created. The game IS linear in design. So is God of War. So what. Not EVERY game needs to be open world, although, apparently they do for some stupid reason.

The memory remix sections (yes, there could have been more, but the ones in the game are really pretty cool) are the stand-out feature of this game, and it's really cool stuff. It's basically a puzzle section, but very visual and stylized and fits in really well with the sci-fi tech of the games' world.

The combat and action are not amazing by any means, but I certainly wouldn't call them sub-par either. They're perfectly fine. They work well and the combos and attacks and such all look cool. The combo building element to the game isn't that big of a deal, you don't NEED to really develop it that much, especially if playing on an easier setting like I always do, but it's something a little bit fresh for an action game. People blasted it for being a 'poor copy of the Arkham games' combat' and I don't agree. They ARE similar, and Batman's IS better, I agree on that. But again, I didn't find anything wrong or faulty with the stuff in this game, combat or action-wise.

So yea, I think the game got a really bad view by people. People always claim to want new IPs, they're tired of the same old same old, sequels and such, and a new developer (pretty damn good first game for a developer as well) makes a new IP, and nobody wants to touch it.

I have the PS3 copy. I bought mine day one. I bought that art book after getting the game and loving it's visual style, and I loved every minute of playing that game. Solid characters and story, good stuff overall. Worth every penny I paid.
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