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Post some good websites 4 when you're, "Just browsin".

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  3. Post some good websites 4 when you're, "Just browsin".

User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#1
Bored today and looking for some fun / informative websites related to gaming and/or tech.

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#2

Click on top left picture. Change picture with right arrow key. Look up and realize two hours have gone by.

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#3
He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind. But he who... sticks out in darkness... is... fluorescent! - Brother Silence

User Info: Superlinkbros89

3 years ago#4
Not changing this sig until a Kid Icarus Uprising sequel is announced. Started: 01/01/2013

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#5
tv tropes usually sucks people in for hours.
Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.
The armory of god is guarding me but all you can see is holographic artistry.

User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#6
Corsair 500r ~ P8Z68-V Pro ~ i5 2500k ~ Hyper 212+ ~ Corsair 2x4gb ~ TX750w v2 ~ 560 Ti ~ F3 1TB ~ Crucial M4 128GB ~ Xonar DG ~ Tt Meka G1 ~ Asus PA248Q

User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#7
Killah Priest posted...
tv tropes usually sucks people in for hours.


Try reading the entries for 40k sometime.
"This is a cool way to die!" -Philip J. Fry
KCO222OB|1440 Watts|6 Slice|Timer|Crumb Tray|Is a Toaster Oven

User Info: mxpower

3 years ago#8
Psn: montumech1

User Info: eviljet

3 years ago#9
i5-2500k | Geforce 670 GTX | 2x4GB DDR3 | Asus P8Z77-V Pro | Ultra-120 | Antec 900 | Corsair HX750

User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#10
Don't go to Tvtropes, it will ruin your life.
Fan of metal? Don't mind covers? Check out my youtube and give me some feedback
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  3. Post some good websites 4 when you're, "Just browsin".

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