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Why is the mobile gaming market so atrocious?

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User Info: rpgian

3 years ago#111
Square Enix would port their old FF titles to a digital watch. I don't know how much they actually make now. Just stir the pot and collect royalties on whats already paid for. When you consider that most mobile players are texting only using silly idioms and half asleep waiting for the doctor or driving then it is the perfect platform for the mindless, joyless, pointless crap to pool up.

User Info: InfiniteFantasy

3 years ago#112
VeiledGenesis posted...
I've found some very legitimate and good quality games on the Android market. You just have to really dig for them, and know what to look for.

Names pls.

Also I have psp,psx,n64,snes and even a mame emulator and tons of games.So I don't need those crap ftp games.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#113
clschneider1990 posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
M DAMAGE posted...
Anyone know why my first post would have been modded as offensive? It's still up as a quote in someone else's post.

I disputed it cause i cant figure out why.

Probably misuse of rape. Some mods are super jumpy, to the point that if you suggest that anything can possibly be a worse crime than rape, you're a terrible person who should be mugged, murdered, and the memory of you defaced.

but I say it is quite a fact that murdering is a worse crime than rape

Not on GameFAQs :D

cody4783 posted...
DarkZV2Beta posted...
They don't support their games at all, and they're cheap, lazy ports of old FF games to grab peoples' money through nostalgia.
Some of their original content on Mobile is actually pretty well received in spite of the price point and usually weak amount of content.

Well, that about sums up what I thought they were doing, based mostly on the comments people have made when they release a "New" game on mobile. Even if they're "Prettied up" with a new coat of paint...They're still charging more for these games than even the PC versions released on Steam.

I dunno, I don't have nostalgia for the old Final Fantasy games at all...So to see them releasing 20-ish year old games for $16 into the Phone/Tablet market is a bit of a stretch for reason. They'd probably sell more if they were cheaper...and probably make more in the long run. :|

Most of the really old stuff is closer to $10. It's only the more recent remakes that are that expensive, like FFIV and The After Years.
Squenix has a thing about pricing though. Basically, anything associated with Squaresoft must be a timeless work of art that maintains it's value perpetually, even in a competitive market that left them behind generations ago.
Their GameBoy Advance games, either were launch price for years, sometimes.
god invented extension cords. -elchris79

User Info: KamenRiderBlade

3 years ago#114
The solution to mobile gaming is that we the hardcore gaming crowd has to educate those who like casual games about all the BS practices and bad games that are out there.

It is our duty to show them what real gaming is about, do it nicely, show them how bad casual games are by comparing them to good examples of real games.

Games that won't nickel / dime the person.

Games that don't use bad business practices.

It'll be a slow fight, but the fight to convert casual players to hardcore gamers have to start somewhere.

Many of us weren't into "Hardcore" gaming at the start, but we got into for one reason or another.

And companies like Square Enix who released over priced lazy ports, well we shouldn't buy them.

Simple as that, don't support bad business practices.

Make sure you convince everybody you know who is even thinking about buying lazy ports of old games to not buy those games.

Get them to buy games on a real gaming platform, not on some generic platform like SmartPhones / Tablets

I'd rather play games on a PS Vita or 2DS then play games on a SmartPhone or Tablet
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