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Is there a single MMO that requires subscription and isn't pay2win or converting

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  3. Is there a single MMO that requires subscription and isn't pay2win or converting

User Info: Itz_N0_M3RCY

3 years ago#91
polopili posted...
EVE certainly has pay2win elements. The game highly encourages you to buy multiple accounts so you can use multiple ships at once. Some players have over 6 accounts. A lot of players also buy plexes with real money to convert it into in-game ISK since they only like PvPing and don't want to waste time grinding for ISK. Also, character skill is only gotten via waiting, so you have to pay for extra months in order to progress rather than actually playing.

Uhh you can multi box in every game in existence. Isk is so easy to get there is literally no point in buying plex.

Your last point is literally the most stupid thing I have ever read. Paying a subscription is pay to win?

P2w baby defending his garbage detected.

User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
3 years ago#92
There was talk of sandboxes vs theme parks earlier. Smed (EQNext) posted this today, and it's a pretty great summary of the problems the genre has faced. Landmark has been pretty amazing so far, so I think soe finally gets it.

Some highlights, very abridged, in an attempt to make this thread slightly less awful and have some discussion:

A lot has been made about how much we’re pushing this concept of “Sandbox” mmos being the future. Not a lot has been said about what that means.

....To date most MMOs have been what I would call “content driven” mmos. What that specifically means is we have made things for the players to explicitly do....

My belief is simple – the content driven model is not where we should be aiming as an industry. Why? It’s unsustainable.

... The real issue is a simple one – our ability to consume that content as players has gotten to the point that most content is done by the players nearly immediately after it’s released. It’s also laid out for all to see on any number of websites that contain complete spoilers up to and including the loot drop percentages.

...A great example of this happened with SWTOR....people that played the game went through the content so quickly that they became bored a whole lot sooner than the developers wanted them to.

...In my opinion the solution is focusing a lot more on letting players make and be content for each other. We’ll see a lot more creativity in action if the players are at the center of it. Imagine an MMORPG of a massive city.. and the Rogue’s guild is entirely run by players. Where the city has an entire political system that is populated by players who were elected by the playerbase.

...We’re going to take the idea of sandbox gaming and we’re putting it at the core of everything we’re doing. We’ll obviously still be making awesome stuff for players to do, but we’re going to aim very high in terms of letting players be a part of the game systems. The more emergent sandbox style content we can make the less predictable the experience will be.
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User Info: TheNazzaro

3 years ago#93
Dofus fits the bill. There is a shop but it's purely for cosmetic items.
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