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How many watts will I need for my PSU?

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User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#11
32x2z posted...
Depends on it's rating. For example, an 80+ platinum could run that at 450W easily. Depends on energy efficiency.
I don't understand why the efficiency matters. A PSU's rating means that it's guaranteed to supply that wattage regardless of how efficiently it does it.
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User Info: angelXboy

3 years ago#12
Alright cool thanks guys.
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User Info: DRAGON07891230

3 years ago#13
The reviews for PC Power and Cooling (Silencer Mk III series iirc) were positive as well, and they (at least used to be) cheap for modular PSUs.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#14
I got this on sale:

More than adequate for my 4770k and Gigabyte 780 GHZ.
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User Info: aak57

3 years ago#15
There's some kinda iffy info in here. As someone mentioned, efficiency should be irrelevant when it comes to what a PSU supplies. A 500W PSU should supply 500W if it's 80% or 90% efficient; the difference is how much it draws from the wall.

Also, many PSU "brands" aren't real brands. Companies like Corsair don't actually manufacture anything, they just relabel units made by companies like FSP or Seasonic. So it's best to look up professional reviews from a place like johnnyguru since quality will be unit dependent. Though I guess you can generalize if you know that a "brand" is always made by a specific manufacturer.

And as for how much wattage you need, it depends on if you'll do overclocking. One way of getting an idea though is to look up professional reviews for the card as they'll have a section about power consumption (you'll want to look at total system under full load). Some reviews will actually have power stats for when the card is overclocked (CPU is almost always OCed by default in reviews).
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User Info: angelXboy

3 years ago#16
Alright so last night I ordered the same one as I linked to earlier in this thread in 750 watt form. I hope it's good enough for now.
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User Info: qeoijlijw

3 years ago#17
250 watts
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