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Help Needed for Putting Together Rig

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User Info: Ice9

3 years ago#1
Hello, this will be the second PC I am putting together, last one was around 5 years ago. I am looking to spend between 800 - 900 on the PC, and I don't need a monitor or peripherals. Please help me build the best PC I can for gaming. Thanks!
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User Info: smelly_boob

3 years ago#2

someone else can probably recommend a cheaper motherboard to get it under $900, i just built a computer with this motherboard and I have no complaints

you could probably upgrade to a GTX 770 if you dont want a SSD. If you want a front USB 3.0 connector you'd have to find a different Case. But there are so many case options available you are bound to find one you like if you look hard enough, so i'll let you figure that out.

this website was recommended to me last month when I was looking.
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