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What's the most you've spent on an f2p game?

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User Info: Demon_Acker

3 years ago#61
50 cents on TF2

User Info: Infini22

3 years ago#62
400-500$ on a single one. I love the term "free" to play.

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#63
Scroe posted...
About $400 on candy crush

How the fu.

Anyway, I spent 60 bucks on Marvel Heroes. I bought myself one of the character packs.
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User Info: Featherwind

3 years ago#64
TropicMoon10 posted...
Interesting results... The majority of people paid either nothing or well over the cost of a full retail game.

I at least answered the question in the poll title not topic title.

I've spent maybe over 50 on Runescape and Puzzle Pirates subs but I have never bought any cosmetic stuff or things like that even though I played LoL for 2.5 years.

User Info: steker16

3 years ago#65
OrgeLambart posted...
on smite I bought the Ultimate god pack

anyone who plays smite and enjoys it should be buying that. it wont be as cheap as it is forever and all it does is increase in value every time a new god is added(~every 2 weeks). it amazes when i see people who have played 100+ hours of the game and still dont own it. it's like they have no understanding of what they are actually getting for that $30 and how they will never get a deal that good again after release and either the price goes up or the entire package is dropped

User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#66
I spent $30 on Warframe during the Christmas sale. I wish I had the dedication to grind for hours, but I just don't.
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User Info: Nemerlight

3 years ago#67
I spend maybe 30-40 bucks on TF2. Does it count as F2P game because i did buy it before it went FREE.
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User Info: CheeseCurls

3 years ago#68
$1.99 on hearthstone, only time I have ever paid into an F2P game
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User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#69
DV8ingSources posted...
0. I don't play free to play games usually and those that I do, never for more than a couple hours. Even then its only to see what all the fuss is about.

Too many other games out there to bother with grindfests and perpetual hamster wheel mechanics that urge even the most patient of people into buying a 'boost'. I'm sure there are some great MP f2p, but mp doesn't usually appeal to me either unless it's with closer friends.

And not only that...The other issue I have is that, even if you pay bits into it, a "reasonable" amount of money to spend on a big-budget game, STILL won't get you a "Complete" game. Putting $60 into a F2P game won't even get you close to having a "Complete" experience, in my experience/sightings.

Yeah pay-to-play games don't hand you everything at the door, but they also don't make you log 2000 hours to get a decent majority of the in-game content. :\

Before you quote this and rage. Yes, 2000 hours is meant to be an exaggeration.

User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#70
I've spent about 250$ on F2P games.
Lots of that was WoT premium time, and some other random crap in Dublight:Retrostep: which I totally regret.
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