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crossfire a10-6800k with 7770

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User Info: Lootman

3 years ago#1
Is this a good idea, or should I just run 7770 by itself? People are saying crossfire is useless.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#2
Hybrid crossfire as been spurious at best from the reviews I've seen.

Never had a chance to try it though.
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User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#3
Do you game at resolutions higher then 1080p? If so, then SLI/Crossfire might be something to look into. Otherwise a single card solution almost always has a better price:performance ratio than two weaker cards.
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User Info: 32x2z

3 years ago#4
I used Hybrid Crossfire for an A6-3650 and an 6570 as the a discreet card. It worked great for battlefield. I was playing with just a 6570 alone at 1024 by 768 at medium settings with 30fps on high it was 15-20fps. When I hybrid crossfired with the A6-3650, my fps in medium went up to 60+ fps. I was able to play it on high with about 45 (fraps running) fps no AA. Fraps generally reduces framerate by 6-10 frames per second. Needless to say it was a pretty big improvement. Doubled in performance essentially. Needless to say, at 720P it was still pretty decent. I'm not sure how it stacks up now with a 7770 + the integrated GPU, but needless to say, you should run games at 720P fairly well. 1080P I have no experience with.
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