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Thinking about starting my own modern arcade venture in the future. Thoughts?

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User Info: ukemandwnbu

3 years ago#1
My modern arcade will attempt to rival that of the "Golden Age of Arcade Gaming" during the 1970s and 1980s, even a little 1990s. An arcade even the Koreans and the Japanese would be proud of.

It will be, at first, exclusively PC gaming. Just to get my feet wet and get a feel of the market. I will have to appeal to a proven and dedicated market before I expand. PC gaming is just that, in my opinion. You know console gamers and mobile gamers are curious and want to know what it feels like gaming on a powerful gaming PC. But this arcade may also be used as a social gathering or hub of sorts. Though gaming will be its primary focus.

This arcade will boast custom-built high-end gaming rigs, each crafted to perfection to provide the most immersive gaming experience, with yearly hardware upgrades to each PC to remain up-to-date. Techies on staff to repair any issues as well as do the upgrading. Included with each PC station will be headsets, and I am also considering including Oculus Rift VR displays (though perhaps at an extra cost as an add-on for those gamers wanting an even more immersive gaming experience).

One expansion of the arcade will include a nostalgic area with good ol' vintage coin-operated arcade machines. There will also be more modern coin-operated arcade machines (such as Tekken, The House of the Dead, Dance Dance Revolution, Hydro Thunder, etc.), but in a separate area. Later will come a shared video game consoles area, headsets included in this area as well, and another possible nostalgia area for the good ol' video game systems of the 1980s and 1990s, even a little early 2000s.

Arcade will have free Wi-Fi; Club memberships with benefits; Booking and hosting competitive tournaments/championships for local gaming clans; Nostalgia movie night events planned on Saturday nights showing the best of the 1980s and 1990s movies; Live music events booked on Friday and Saturday nights from local bands and other groups/solo artists; A concession and lounge area offering Pepsi-Cola beverages for your Mountain Dew and Pepsi fixes, Frito-Lay snacks for your Doritos and Cheetos fixes, and various candies (among other foods, beverages, and concessions); The works.

Much, much more to discuss and consider on this venture. A lot of sorting out of ideas to be done. Anyway, I would like to get your take on this GameFAQs PC Community. What are your thoughts on starting my own modern arcade venture?

User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#2
I scanned through that, albeit not very well, so I may have missed something.

That being said, The overhead for something like that would be astronomical. I see it failing unless you piggyback off another business. A local coffee shop, game store, computer store... anything that has a lot of foot traffic going by.

It's a great idea, but with how the world is changing, all the arcades and computer cafes in my neck of the woods (entirety of western Canada) are disappearing one by one. You can't even find a decent game of laser tag, and bowling is on it's way out too.

Something like this would take a lot of luck, a lot of money, and a lot of luck.
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User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#3
It will fail.
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User Info: revolver

3 years ago#4
It will fail horribly. Also yearly updates on your high end gaming rigs won't happen. You'll probably have to sell all the 780s in them and replace them with 8800 gt's so that you can keep your business afloat for another month.
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User Info: ukemandwnbu

3 years ago#5
Thank you WyzeGye for the honesty. I really do appreciate it. The idea I imagined seemed quite interesting to me, but I can see the reality that this venture would take a lot of money to remain opened as well as a customer base actually interested in the business.

Like you said, laser tag centers and bowling alleys are few and far between these days. I could imagine a "modern" arcade would be dead on arrival. Again, people have to have an interest in going to such a place, and the money required to pay for custom PC parts for how ever many PCs there would have been, the Internet+Wi-Fi, and a few other things would leave me in some serious debt, especially early on.

No big deal. It was just a thought. I suppose nostalgia is just getting the better of me.

(Lol, I got a laugh out of that horseshoe line.)

User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#6
Get a lot of fighting games and host fighting game tournaments.

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#7
If people want to gather in a place to play video games it's for the social aspect. IMO, a lounge type setting would be much better.

Some place where you can sit, play games, eat food and all that other good stuff.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#8
Passing curiosity won't override the fact that people can easily game at home now, and are lazy. There's very little market for arcades any more. You could always move to Korea and set up another gaming net cafe or whatever...
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User Info: Cheech001

3 years ago#9
We have a place here called Player1. It's a bar that you pay $5 cover to get in and has a bunch of old school arcade games, as well as modern consoles and a library of games. Stage setup for Rock band/GH, couches for co-op games. Even the TV's above the bar you can play games from wireless controllers. All of it is free minus the $5 cover and 2 drink minimum to get games from the library. Only been once but had a pretty good time with a few beers and some old games.

User Info: WyzeGye

3 years ago#10
Clouddx posted...
If people want to gather in a place to play video games it's for the social aspect. IMO, a lounge type setting would be much better.

Some place where you can sit, play games, eat food and all that other good stuff.

Yeah, I used to go to a place like that in Edmonton. It was a coffee shop much like starbucks but there were 8 or so high end (at the time) rigs. Couches and recliners everywhere with LAN plugs on the floor for people who brought their laptops.

Played the s*** out of warcraft 3 in that place.
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