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How reliable are SSD vs. standard hard drives?

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User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#11
It's not really as simple as SSD > HDD (or the reverse). Anything requiring a lot of writes will kill an SSD pretty fast compared to a HDD. In something that might get moved around or bumped a bit, an SSD would be preferable due to how fragile HDDs can be. If an SSD is a tank, a HDD is a fort of cardboard by comparison. There's also obviously the problem of the price of storage.
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User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#12
GTRagnarok posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
SSD's are unreliable to the extreme if we consider their 3-5 year life span.

Do you write a 100GB of data to your drive every day?

The 10 gig, maybe, its a server...
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User Info: MadPinoRage

3 years ago#13
SSD reliability is increasing each year. I'm nearly certain portable computers have been using flash drives for a long time, which flash is akin or itself is a type of SSD. I think in the last several years portable computers have been switching over to SSD, so I think their reliability would be a critical factor in their development. As for desktops, I don't think they are standard, yet, but they still are very reliable as compared to maybe several years ago.
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User Info: Shadow_Cloud

3 years ago#14
After researching some more I think I'll go with the Samsung 840 EVO. The PRO may increase the lifespan significantly, but since I'm going to upgrade my laptop every 5-7 years; it should prove inconsequential.
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