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Tax return - New PC time

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User Info: SolidDBZ

3 years ago#1
Can anyone suggest me a $1000 build? Main use gaming and Zbrush, a 3D modeling software.

I haven't kept up with the newer parts since I build my last computer around 4 years ago.

I'll buy from Newegg or anywhere.
Metal Gear!?

User Info: smelly_boob

3 years ago#2
there are literally 5 threads a day asking the same exact question... search the forum

User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
pon pon way way way ponpon way pon way pon pon, way way ponponpon way way pon way pon way way.

User Info: EpicKingdom_

3 years ago#4
You are not welcome within the Master Race.
You're not Master Race until the Gaben reveals himself before you. ALL of himself.

User Info: pjlind

3 years ago#5

get whatever case you want
i5-4670k | MSI GTX770 4gb | G.Skill Ripjaws 2x4gb | 530w 80+ | 1tb Seagate | 2tb Toshiba HDD | Rosewill BlackHawk |
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