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The most hours you put in to catch up on a lost save

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User Info: farigonti

3 years ago#31
bsballa09 posted...
farigonti posted...
I lent Earthbound to a friend and when he returned it my save was erased. I lost my ---- as a kid.

The most recent was DS. I reinstalled windows and assumed the steam cloud sync feature would work. It sure as hell didn't. I went on a speed run but have yet to catch up completely.

I've beaten Earthbound about 4 times. I would be happy to lose a save just to play it over again. Earthbound is my second favorite game of all time.

I've beaten it about 4-5 times as well. Still lost my ---- though at the moment. I did learn how fun replaying an rpg is after that happened, consequently. It's in my top five.
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User Info: NimbusStev

3 years ago#32
When I first played Persona 3, it was on my roommate's backwards compatible PS3. I learned the hard way why b/c wasn't a standard, as my virtual PS2 memory card somehow managed to get corrupted. I was over 30 hours into the game and my latest backup on any other device was back at the 10 hour mark.

Replaying 20 hours in a JRPG (a genre I was already starting to get worn out on) seemed almost insane. Luckily I stuck with it though and still managed to finish the game. Since then SMT has become one of my favorite franchises, so I'm glad I didn't let that setback prevent me from enjoying the rest of the series.

User Info: Durpee7

3 years ago#33
Played Harvest Moon and had a save file with around 40 hours on it. Started a new save file but I accidentally saved over it. >_>
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User Info: SaffronGhost

3 years ago#34
Love_Me_Sexy posted...
How do you lose a save? It's saved...

Sometimes updates wipe saves, reformatting, viruses...

Have you been PC gaming two weeks? Troll on, though.
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User Info: justdontask

3 years ago#35
ive only ever lost one save.

Shadow of the Colossus, normal mode, time attack. had 14 colossi down in the time limit, had 2 left. one with the big sword and you gotta make him hit the rock in the middle of his platform, and the one where you gotta climb his beard to get on top of him.

took me like 2 or 3 hours before i finally beat both of em, but instead of saving, i decided id run through the game to the next colossus i had to fight for the story, which was Avion. i took a wrong turn, and not realizing that i never saved it, decided itd be quicker to jump off a cliff and die instead of turning around to go the right way.

i never got to use the explosive arrows on a colossus. i shut the game off when i realized i lost the explosive arrows.

i havent played it again to this day.
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