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Need A $700 Gaming build.....

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User Info: lord_rye

3 years ago#1
I'm mainly interested in gaming. I have a monitor, operating system, mouse & keyboard. Also how long would a $700 pc generally last? Thanks in advance.
Last game played in 2007 was Halo3.

User Info: VIP86

3 years ago#2

Pretty much in between GREAT and SUPERB. Do note, that Radeon GPUs have increased in price recently, so those prices aren't up to date. It will last you for however long you feel it will last you.
The rule of thumb is to get the best CPU you can afford, because that will be a big pain to upgrade. With GPUs, most people either get the mid tier card and buy every other year, or high end card and buy every 3-4 years.

User Info: lord_rye

3 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply I'll check it out when I get home from work. Any other opinions?
Last game played in 2007 was Halo3.

User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#4
For gaming, don't even bother with AMD CPUs. It's been covered a million times on this board so I'm not going to go into details why.

AMD GPU prices are being artificially inflated right now thanks to the mining craze. Go with nVidia in the meantime.

Look for at least 8GB of DDR3 RAM running at 1600MHz speeds. Timings of 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5v are nice too but isn't as important as the speed.

I agree that a high end CPU is important, but once you pass the i5-4670K diminishing returns start to kick in and you get a whole lot less bang for your buck. Again this applies mainly to gaming.

I usually upgrade the CPU every 5 years (i.e. do a new build), and get a new GPU that's in the lower high-end tier every two years. I try not to spend more than $350 on one if I can help it.

When it comes to RAM, I always leave at least 2 slots free in case I need to upgrade. 3-4 years from now 16GB might be necessary.

The rig in my sig was built with the intent of getting the best possible price:performance ratio possible. Right now you literally cannot do better for the money. A lot of people have a similar rig as mine. It's a $1100 build, however, so I would suggest skimping on the GPU for now until you can afford a better one. Windows 8.1 boots rather quickly, so you can ditch the SSD too for now.
4670K | 2GB GTX 770 OC | 8GB 1600 9-9-9-24 | 120GB SSD | 1TB WD Blue | Win8.1 Pro

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#5
I'm too tired to check what all is available for what price but the last time someone asked for a comparably priced build ($800, but needed OS) it ended up with a 4570 and a 760. That combo will handle almost any game you throw at it, the only one it might have minor issues on is BF4 but the only problem should be in the frantic cluster****s in MP, it will do fine in MP 95% of the time though, and if you're having framerate issues you can bet that basically everyone around you is as well.
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User Info: dennis941012

3 years ago#6
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