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Can you use Steam and GOG overseas? Any PC gamers from the Philippines?

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  3. Can you use Steam and GOG overseas? Any PC gamers from the Philippines?

User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#1
Question for those that live outside the US...I might be moving to the Philippines by the end of the year and have some games from Steam and GOG. Can you still use them there? I have an American bank account with dollars in it but will probably be converting it to pesos and have no clue if Steam and GOG are supported there. Thanks in advance.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#2
I'm pretty sure Steam is supported there as I have friends on steam in the Philippines, not sure about GoG but I don't see why they wouldn't support it...

As for your games, I don't know what happens if you have games that aren't supposed to be sold in that territory and then you move there...

User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#3
I was thinking the same thing too, like how would I use the games if they aren't available there. I tried Googling the answer but I can't find a good answer.

User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#4
From GoG's FAQ:

"7. What are your prices in different countries?

Our prices are always the same, worldwide. It doesn't matter whether you live in the sunny Bahamas (lucky you!) or some place where polar bears roam the streets, it's always the same price. Our company is based in Europe and VAT/tax is included in the games' prices. This means that will always charge you the exact order total visible at checkout.However please be advised that we are based in Europe and have no control over your bank's additional international/card transaction fees (where applicable). Most banks don't charge their customers extra, but if you use funds already present on your PayPal account to buy games on, you will be able to avoid any such additional costs."

This Steam forum thread seems relevant:

It seems like your current library will be unaffected, but you will probably be affected by game availability/pricing for the region you're residing in.
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User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#5
That's cool, thanks for the replies guys.

User Info: spud_almighty

3 years ago#6
Go on the GOG forums and ask... the forums are there for a reason.

User Info: Golden_Gonads

3 years ago#7
GOG is exactly the same worldwide. Steam has restrictions, different currencies and different prices depending on where you are.

User Info: TropicMoon10

3 years ago#8
The best part is that Steam is always available in english no matter what country you're in (the currency changes obviously) which is great if you aren't familiar with foreign languages. I know from personal experience that Origin and uPlay don't let you change from your country's native language.

User Info: JsReznor

3 years ago#9
I went from Steam in the US to Australia. You have to change your region in the Steam settings to make purchases from that area. As Steam only accepts USD, you'll have to pay foreign transaction fees if you're not using dollars. They said they are expanding the currencies Steam accepts, but it hasn't happened yet.

User Info: thegreatsquare

3 years ago#10
First of all, GoG is based in Europe, so it works overseas in America. As for Steam, I'm pretty sure it will work in the Philippines, though some game licenses might not.
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  3. Can you use Steam and GOG overseas? Any PC gamers from the Philippines?

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