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mass effect 4 or dragon age 3

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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#21
ME still has room for another race of super machines, even ones more powerful than the reapers. The race that the original reapers were built from were powerful enough to combat them without any real technological assistance. This gives us two possibilities for antagonists for ME4 without going into completely unexplored territory.

A: At the end of Leviathan the Leviathan you meet flat-out says after the reapers are gone the Leviathan will return to take their place as the apex predators/rulers of the galaxy. Their biotics are powerful enough that they can combat reapers and they have a natural form of indoctrination as well.

B: Related to Leviathan again, though based more on speculation than canon, the first reaper still had to be created. We met the AI that 'created' the reapers at the end of 3. How did he do this? If the Leviathan were strong enough to combat the reapers 1v1 then it stands to reason that it created something even more powerful than the reapers to start with. The reapers were basically meant to preserve life, not to be insanely powerful. Imagine how strong something built purely for power developed by the same AI that created the reapers could be.
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User Info: ArsenicSteel

3 years ago#22
reincarnator07 posted...
ArsenicSteel posted...
ShadowThaReaper posted...
God, why? They're both going to be terrible.

ME4 isn't even going to be ME4. It will be based in the ME-verse but will not have Shepard and might have some familiar characters from previous games. There's almost no chance for this game to be good.

Moving away from Shepard would probably be for the best at this point. I've yet to beat ME3 yet, but I'm assuming the story ties up most of the loose ends and you win against the Reapers. Where do you go from there? You've pretty much killed demi gods and are the saviour or all life in the galaxy. ME has a great universe with a lot of potential for good characters and stories

It's the only option as the planned trilogy was Shepard's story.

The ME-verse had potential to be an epic place that could have grown to rival the topic sci-fi franchises. Now it is simply going to be fodder for EA's micro-transactions and rushed development cycles. Not to mention the major people that actually made the ME story great in the first game are no longer working for or with EA Bioware. All EA brought to the table was tons of cash and bad management.

As someone that has beaten ME3, there isn't many places to go from the canon end. Either EA will do a prequel or a story set a time way after the events in ME3.
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User Info: HELZERO

3 years ago#23
im on my mobile phone so excuse the cruddy spelling
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User Info: Treason686

3 years ago#26
ME4 is already near-release as a freemium title.

Shepard returns, and you can import your save games, just as before. Shepard has now joined C-Sec, and goes on crime fighting missions.

There is a central hub where you meet with other Shepards and do missions at the cost of energy. You get a set amount of energy each day, though you can buy energy with credits, and buy credits with real money. Of course, you can link your Facebook account to play with your friend's Shepards!

It's scheduled to be released in April for iOS.
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User Info: Jorum

3 years ago#27
As an FYI for those thinking of replaying dragon age to get your saves how you like them... it seems you don't actually have to.
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