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Help me overclock my 4670k?

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User Info: ForTheHorde117

3 years ago#1
Okay so after building my first rig a few months back and learning a lot I'm finally giving a shot at maxing my overclock. I hear that these chips are hit or miss, and so far I've hit 4.7 GHz on all cores running at about 75-80c, however I get an instant BSOD whenever I try for the 4.8. So I have a few questions here.

First some specs: ASRock z87 extreme4 mobo, GTX760 SLI, 750W Corsair PSU, Cooler master case and Coolermaster big honkin air cooler.

Now my voltage is set at 1.33, but im not sure what to put as the offset? or if my voltage is good?

What difference does the cache multiplier make and where should I put it? cache voltage?

Adaptive or static voltage?

Processor limit/ turbo boost power max/ short turbo boost max settings? what impact do these have and how should I set them?

And anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance guys, any question(s) you can answer will help me out a lot!
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