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Can't do single-player games anymore

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User Info: Shippoyasha

3 years ago#31
I still am a huge offline player. Online can be good at times but usually only if online pals are online. The kind of abuse one gets in a League of Legends or DOTA match is insane. It's fun teasing people online at times too but sometimes people get too clingy. I don't have to worry if it's just a singleplayer game.
Rest in Peace, my beloved dog and family member 1999-2011

User Info: r7gerrabbit

3 years ago#32
I'm the opposite. My early teen years to late teen was all about the multiplayer.
StarCraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Ultima Online, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Runescape, World of Warcraft.

These days if a game doesn't have a solid story and good SP content then I couldn't care less. After work the last thing on my mind is playing games with a bunch of random internet sociopaths.
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