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Time to upgrade my GPU. Having trouble justifying price of GTX 770 over GTX 760.

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  3. Time to upgrade my GPU. Having trouble justifying price of GTX 770 over GTX 760.

User Info: MichaelWStevens

3 years ago#1
I don't need Ultra for everything. If I can mix High/Ultra and achieve 60 FPS at 1080p, I'm totally fine with that.

Looking at benchmarks and whatnot, it seems like the GTX 760 isn't exactly $120 behind the GTX 770 in performance. o_o

There's also:

I've never heard of BH Photo Video, but it appears that the GPU they have is NOT SuperClocked but still has the ACX Cooler, so the only difference is that I'd need to OC it myself, which is fine. I think that's the only difference, anyway, right? If it is, I might jump on the BH Photo Video 770.

Either way, I can't wait to get rid of this XFX Radeon HD 7770.

If my budget was infinite, sure, I'd get the 770. But I also need to replace my MOBO and get new RAM because my current MOBO has only one working DIMM slot. I've had only 4 GB RAM for like six months now. Totally blows.

But yeah, for those of you out there with 770s, what was the deciding factor? What made the price difference worth it to you?

User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#2
The 770 for me was what I needed for games to perform as well as I wanted them to. That was the deciding factor.
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#3
Have you accepted Raspberyl as your loli and savior?

User Info: Fargoth272

3 years ago#4
BHPhoto is reliable, btw.

User Info: WerdnAndreW

3 years ago#5
Corsair 500r ~ P8Z68-V Pro ~ i5 2500k ~ Hyper 212+ ~ Corsair 2x4gb ~ TX750w v2 ~ MSI 780 TF ~ F3 1TB ~ Crucial M4 128GB ~ Xonar DG ~ Tt Meka G1 ~ Asus PA248Q

User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#6
The 770 is only about 15-20% more powerful then the 760. So if that's not worth it to you then get the 760.

I have an EVGA 760 superclocked and it performs excellent at this time. I run most games on ultra, a very few higher end games I'll have to set it ultra and tone a couple things down a bit. Im also not to picky, I don't need every game at 60fps all the time on max settings. I also don't play a lot FPS games like Cyrsis 3 or BF4, so I don't even care about running thosemaxxed so that's make the 760 even more attractive for me. It'll run pretty every MMO maxed at this time, single player rpg's, arpgs, strat games, basically everything at this time.

I can steup to a 770 for $86, but Im having a hard time justifying it. Im pretty sure I will be happy with a Gtx 760 till a gtx 960 or so comes out. So TC, you might want to consider the EVGA brand video card and buy a Gtx 760. If it does not perform well enough for you, you can use the step up program to get the GTX 760. You have 90 days to decide from when you buy the 760 if you go that route. Just be sure to register everything on the EVGA website. The only drawback to his is, you have mail then back your 760 and wait for the new card to come so for like a week or whatever youll have to go back to your old card if you keep it or onboard video.

User Info: MichaelWStevens

3 years ago#7
I'm not a fan of Gigabyte.

Currently trying to decide between the EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked or the non-Superclocked EVGA GTX 770. Leaning towards the 770, now that my budget has opened up a little bit since I sold my PS4 on eBay for $535. >_>

User Info: Chaap

3 years ago#8
get the 760, save the 110 towards an upgrade in ~1.5 years
"Some people are just dumb"

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

3 years ago#9
foodeater4 posted...
The 770 is only about 15-20% more powerful then the 760. So if that's not worth it to you then get the 760.

Lol, only 15-20%?

The 770 vs the 760 is no different than the 470 vs the 460.

In a nutshell, the 60 series is for cheapskates or casual gamers while the 70 series has always been the entry point to serious PC gaming cards.

Just like the 470's (which are my previous cards), SLI 70's greatly outperform the highest end cards. SLI 60's, not so much. It's a budget card and always has been. Nothing wrong with it but nothing to glamorize either.
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User Info: Flaktrooper123

3 years ago#10
It is called diminishing return. 770 is 15-20% more powerful than 760, while 780 is 15-20% more powerful than 770. The more money you put in, the less bang your extra dollars will make.
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  3. Time to upgrade my GPU. Having trouble justifying price of GTX 770 over GTX 760.

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