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Upgrade from GTX 560 to 750Ti ?

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User Info: LordVy

3 years ago#1
I was reading about the new GTX 750Ti and it seems to offer ok performance for €160 in Belgium.
This is my 2 year old setup:
GTX 560
i5 2500k (not OCd)
8 gigs RAM
and I may be looking at a new graphics card if it would be worth it.
Is it worth to upgrade to a GTX 750Ti or something else reasonably priced, or would I be better off waiting? Would upgrading bottleneck my CPU (too much)?

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#2
The 750ti wouldn't be much of an upgrade at all.
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User Info: Ep1taph303

3 years ago#3
Your next upgrade will be the gtx 860.


User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#4
The cards offer about the same level of performance, but the 750Ti uses a lot less power. Your CPU is a match for any single graphics card on sale now. A decent upgarde would be a 760 or better. Or wait till the more powerful Maxwell GPUs arrive.

User Info: LordVy

3 years ago#5
Huh, so 2 years later in about the same price range as the original if I remember, there isn't anything that's significantly better? That's kind of weird I guess.

User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#6
The GTX 760 will completely outclass your current card. A cheaper option would be a GTX 660. The X50 cards are basically entry level gaming cards. Going up one level just from the X50 to a X60 gives a huge performance increase.

Budget cards are budget cards, they don't increase in power as much from generation to generation. Also the 750ti is not really increase in power, its a more efficient card. It offers similar power to the prior gen GTX 650's, but the GTX 750 does not require a 6 pin pci-e power connector like your old card does now. It makes it a great card to drop into any POS computer to get some decent gaming performance.
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