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Q6600 to 4670k platform upgrade

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User Info: Games_Analyst

3 years ago#11
Chaap posted...
anything 1.5v or lower without stupid heatsinks.

ram is ram for the most part

Agreed. Something is going to bottleneck before your RAM does this day and age. Someone that can afford $200+ GPUs aren't going to put less than 6-8 gigs in so whatevs.
Intel 930i, 770 GTX, 16GB G Skill Ripjaw X, Asus Sabertek, Intel 80gb SSD, WIndows 7 64.

User Info: ff8ff8

3 years ago#12
allrighty, then I'll get Staples to pricematch tomorrow and order the G41 off of Microcenter since they actually ship it.

For RAM I'm looking at these to match the MOBO:

But think I should start with $300 for my old platform and hope someone buys it? Could also throw it in my old Antec 900 with my old ocz 600w PSU.
So the last vid card i asked about was crap. Is this better? -chia
That's a motherboard.-lfcmaestro8
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