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PC recently been restarting itself...

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User Info: ThE MaSTeR 3

ThE MaSTeR 3
3 years ago#11
Shub posted...
ThE MaSTeR 3 posted...
I'm thinking my PSU could be going bad (or not enough watts?)

If it only happens when you're placing the PC under load, then it could be a wattage issue, but then the PC wouldn't restart, it would just shut down abruptly.

hmm, must not be the psu then cause all 3 times the pc has been idle when it happened (well I was browsing the 3rd time). Maybe GPU fan stopped working and is overheating?

User Info: Psythik

3 years ago#12
What are your temps? If it's not the PSU it's an overheating problem.
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