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tech question from a console gamer

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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#31
There's no technical reason at all games can't do cross-platform multiplayer. For FPS, as already discussed, either console players get their asses handed to them on a platter, or auto-aim is bumped up so much that the games become not so much a competition of skill as who has the best ping to score the first auto-aimed shot. :P

Other game types tho, particularly things like MMORPGs, trading card games, and even a variety of action games could easily be done as cross-platform multiplayer.
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User Info: Premium

3 years ago#32
Sadly, they can't even do XBL/PSN cross-platform for games that are pretty much begging for that sort of thing, like FIFA/PES.
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The cranky hermit 3 years ago#33
I think there's also the fact that the de facto gaming business model still encourages platform segregation. PCs, consoles, tablets, and handhelds are still viewed as distinct "product markets" despite having mostly overlapping capabilities at this point.

With XBL and PSN, a good amount of netcode and features regarding profiles and matchmaking logic is part of the XBL and PSN servlets, rather than being part of the game logic. In theory, Microsoft could release a PS4-compatible XBL code library, which would allow PS4 developers to fairly easily code their games to interact with XBL servers and join XBL games. Vice-versa too. But under their business model, this would go against their interests.

Microsoft already *has* released such an API for PCs - the GFWL API interfaces with XBL servlets seamlessly (well, seamlessly when it works), and developers could program cross-platform play with it if they wanted to - most of the code for that is already in the API.
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User Info: Sienrurouni

3 years ago#34
foundryGod posted...
Putting aside the fact that the game companies would never do it,.
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#35
Sienrurouni posted...
foundryGod posted...
Putting aside the fact that the game companies would never do it,.

They tried it.

They gave console gamers absolutely absurd amounts of auto-aim and PC gamers severe penalties to aiming after rapid turns in order to try and balance it but it still didn't work out.
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