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D3 with Built in wifi Modem recommendations?

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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#11
For routers I really like the ASUS RT-AC68U/R, its expensive tho but is 802.11AC

I used to have a D-Link DIR-825 which was OK, needed to be reset more often than I'd like but it worked great until it needed to be reset. Seems those have gone up in price as well...
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User Info: New Link

New Link
3 years ago#12
crawdad posted...
Killah Priest posted...
damn, Time Warner Cable gives out SB6121s in my area.

Damn, where the hell are you? They used to give us the 6580s but now it's all this Ubee and Arris crap. They blow. they have to keep being replaced or the wireless sucks.

New Link posted...
Don't get a "built in all in one solution."

They are crap, end of story.

Get a dumb modem and a seperate router, or repurpose an old PC to work as your router. A 200mhz x86 processor with a few dedicated NICs should be enough to run whatever you'll need. Slightly beefier specs if you want to include a cable modem in a PCI slot of the computer, which will take the place of the dumb modem.

If you do opt to get a cheap consumer-grade "home router", get one that is actively supported by open source firmware. Check the compatibility listings for ddwrt, tomato, and openwrt when purchasing a router.

I find this intriguing. I'd prolly go for a dumb modem and custom firmware router solution if it works. Either that or buy someone's old crappy PC since I don;t have one yet.

recommendations on routers? My main concern is strength of signal that can support the speeds of D3 service. And i would Pick Better over Easier for the most part if there's a big enough difference. but my main concern is that the wifi is strong and reliable (competing/conflicting signals notwithstanding of course).

Really my suggestion for the router is the old whitebox running pfSense and any decent enough "home router" which is on the compat list. I'm software, not hardware, haha.

My suggestion is to set up your network like this:

Wall -> Dumb Modem -> pfSense x86 whitebox <(cheap store "router" for wifi with dchp disabled) <(good lan switch with dchp disabled)

Seperate the two, the switch and store router, ontwo seperate VLANs, make sure that the "router"is only running as a dumb WAP, but also upgrade the firmware to something like ddwrt.

This way, your lan is safe, both can reach the internet, but your WLAN cannot reach your LAN, keeping your ethernet connected devices safe from malacious neighbors.
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