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Has anyone here tried playing PS3/360 games on the Nvidia Shield?

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  3. Has anyone here tried playing PS3/360 games on the Nvidia Shield?

User Info: XeedyofNamzy

3 years ago#1

Seems like the basic idea is that you connect your capture card to your PC, and get an adapter so that your Shield would be recognized similar to that of a PS3/360 controller for the Ps3/360.

The important thing is that the capture card preview screen has little to no lag compared to what you see on the TV.

any shield users tried this, or have seen the thread on the geoforce forums?

User Info: Pokenub

3 years ago#2
This seems like a very roundabout solution to a problem that isn't even a thing..
Damn it.. I swear I had something for this..

User Info: AceandLotus88

3 years ago#3
gonna try this out. already bought the chronos max and the extreme u3 capture card(which from videos on youtube, apparently has little to no delay)

User Info: AceandLotus88

3 years ago#4
Well, I tried it out, and it works pretty great. Can use all of the shield's controls

Here is the PS3 version of SOTC


Video quality is pretty meh since recording from a mediocre cellphone camera (plus not used to recording with cellphones+playing)

User Info: PharohofLaptops

3 years ago#5

User Info: Voelger

3 years ago#6
How does shield controller? Wouldn't you need 360 controller because your still streaming through the 360?
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User Info: AceandLotus88

3 years ago#7
Well, here is what I did. Hopefully it answers yours, or anyone else's question,or potential further ones.

Let me mention I used

- Splashtop THD (android APP) and Splashtop Streamer: Streams your desktop, including games

- Aver Media ExtremeCapU3+AverMedia RE Central( Capture Program for the U3)- Low latency preview screen, which is what is NEEDED.

-Cronus Max- What allows you to play Ps3 games, using the Shield's controls

AverMedia Section:
- On the Avermedia, there is an AV IN "port" , and a USB 3.0 port. Obviously I connect the AV IN cords it came with the component cables of the PS3, and I plug the component into the PS3.

- Also plug the USB.3.0 cord into the avermedia, and the other end into the usb 3.0 port of my laptop.

- Put it to 1280X720, lower bitrate. Helps with Shield streaming.

Cronus Max section:
All I had to do was update the FW of the Chronus MAX, and plug the front end of a usb cable into the "PC Prog" port of the cronus max,and the other end of the cable into another port of my Laptop.

Splashtop THD:
At this point, I go into splashtop thd in the Nvidia Shield, and enable gamepad mode. This makes it so that the Shield acts like a 360 controller.

- I downloaded the the CP2102 drivers, and GIMX links that was in

- Most important thing to do now, is open GIMX config and create a configuration for GIMX. I test to see if GIMX recognizes the Shield's controls, and behold it does, as a "360 controller". I map the buttons

- In the axis section, thats where you are supposed to map L2/R2, and the Left+Right analog sticks..
*For L2 Sensitivity put ".008", while for R2 Sensitivity put "-.008"

Save AS. Save the config profile

- Plug the chronus max inside the PS3 usb port

- Go to GIMX Serial and open that particular config file, in the GIMX serial program.

- Put the Adapter to "GPP/Cronus"

- check and then hit start

and there, you can use the Shield to Navigate the PS3 and play games.

To make it very short and sweet,with Splashtop THD, and enabling the "Gamepad mode", it allows the shield to act like a 360 controller. which allows me to create a custom control profile for GIMX. I put that GIMX config file into the GIMX serial program, and plug the Chronus MAX inside the PS3. This essentially makes it so that the 360 controls that I created, are inputted into the Ps3. This is what makes it so that the Shield can play PS3 games using it's controls.

Alternatively, since you have a GTX Desktop,the link in the OP is a shorter and a more simple method it would seem. I dont have a desktop, or nvidias streamer, so I couldn't test that method. I had to come up with my own method, as a laptop and splashtop user.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#8
I saw the thread. Haven't tried it, though. It might be nice to try a component or composite capture card for PS2/GC/Wii/XB, though. There's lots of XB games I'd like to play on Shield, actually, and a few cube/wii games that I can't emulate too well.
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