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THE KING has returned!!!! DIABLO 3 returns to its ARPG throne.

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  3. THE KING has returned!!!! DIABLO 3 returns to its ARPG throne.

User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#71
D3 was by far my biggest letdown in the last 5-6 years of gaming. I'm sorry, but that feeling of dissapointment will always follow when I think of this game.

User Info: Mewone

3 years ago#72
GwynsSonSolaire posted...
Mewone posted...
GW2 went to crap anyway. I sunk almost 4k hours into that game before I stopped playing altogether about four months ago. Still have no desire to try D3 though.

You played 4k hours then thought it sucked?

I would realize if a game is bad after a couple of hours.

It was more that I was disappointed that it ultimately didn't go anywhere great. They had promised innovative content through frequent updates and all that, but holding out through all of them for something fantastic just got old because it was the same story every single month.
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User Info: Boge

3 years ago#73
The only problem I have with Diablo 3 right now in it's current state is the drop rates are TOO good. I think it's because they're trying to lure in users for the expansion pack, then they'll drop them down to reasonable rates.

I also have hated that it's only 4 players. This is a minor one because I don't enjoy playing these games with more than 4 people anyway. It just would be nice to at least have the option, especially with how versatile the difficulty is now.

Oh! How can I forget, online only. Dumbest thing to ever happen to video gaming. This game has suffered a lot from that stupid idea and continues to suffer. Give us an offline mode and modding tools and this could be the best Diablo game ever made (by the users at least.)
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  3. THE KING has returned!!!! DIABLO 3 returns to its ARPG throne.

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