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Trying to buy a new modem / router .

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User Info: 619ROMEO

3 years ago#1
Took me a year to realize I was renting a modem from Comcast. I'm stupid. So I've decided I'd be stupid to not just own one. How drastic of a performance increase is there between good and poor modems and routers ?

I usually just pick one of the first things that populate on Amazon, and this is what I'm scouting out right now .

Money's not a signifcant issue, although I'd prefer it to be under $100 each.

Also a quick sidenote, I just downgraded my internet from performance, to regular, essentially.

My speed went from 56.01mbps/10.46mbps to 28.28 mbps/5.64 mbps . Is it worth a 10$ charge to keep those speeds ?
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User Info: datopgamer

3 years ago#2
If you are using a docsis 2 modem then getting a docsis 3 modem will net you a decent increase if your speed is high enough. I assume you're paying for 28mbps then you should have a docsis 3 modem. I bought a sb6141 recently and I'm able to max out my connection 50/5. As for the router, I recommend a good dual band router. Just make sure that the modem can handle the speed you are paying for. I'm currently using a rt-n56u and have no issues. Both of those are under $100 each.
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