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List games that look sexy as f***(good graphics)

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User Info: BigB0ss13

3 years ago#31

User Info: SnipeStar

3 years ago#32
Arma 3
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User Info: fatboy44

3 years ago#33
BigB0ss13 posted...
Just curious how is Trine 1's replay value?

I don't really have any desire to reply Trine, but playing through it the first time was incredible. Trine 2 is great too.
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User Info: akira1987

3 years ago#34
Giana Sisters
Tomb Raider

User Info: crawdad

3 years ago#35
Crysis 1 and 2 look sexy IMO, Crysis 2, dat lighting and in 3D is gorgeous. And Crysis 3 with Dat water and grass effects.
I liked Bioshock Inifinite's art style as well.

King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition I also agree with. it looks so smooth.

Walking around Gotham in Arkham Origins is great as well, so much detail in something you end up flying over anyway.

Wind Waker HD I would recommend, with the lighting and 1080p it looks gorgeous. I feel like that was what was intended when realised originally.


Why I said Crysis 3
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User Info: Gig_NFBB

3 years ago#36
Strike Suit Zero/Infinity.
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