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Took my computer up to a shop for diagnostics. (BBOD help)

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User Info: Celll212

3 years ago#21
I'm going to say CPU, if you replaced everything in it already.

ETA, Just saw your last post.

I would ask the shop if they tested the CPU in another machine, Then go down to said shop and see them test it for yourself to rule the CPU out.

You could have just got bad luck on the mobo, stranger things have happened.
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User Info: lost_within

3 years ago#22
Yeah I still wouldn't rule out the motherboard until you can verify either that your cpu works in another computer or another CPU works in yours.

Also, you can check your motherboard for bulging or busted capacitors... sometimes those are not obvious and you really have to look for them... this would indicate a bad motherboard, check both...

Try installing Linux...if you have weird mishaps with Linux then you KNOW it is a hardware issue...

Also, I am guessing either you or someone built this computer for you?

If so check and make sure your stand offs are in the correct places and not shorting out your motherboard...

Just some ideas...if you don't feel comfortable doing this stuff on your own, take this list to the shop.. it will probably piss them off, but do it with tact and they will do it...if not, take your PC, and take it somewhere else...
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User Info: phy2jsh

3 years ago#23
From your description, I would say HDD would be most likely problem, but you say you've tried another one. Did you actually fresh install your OS onto a known-working HDD? If yes, then I agree DarkZV2Beta has to be correct.

User Info: mattdude23_03

3 years ago#24
What kind of motherboard? What kind of hard drive controller on the mother board? Marvel?

Even though you changed the hard drive trying using another Sata contoller on your motherboard you should have 2 kinds one usually marvel and like Intel or something.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#25
SmurfyZ posted...
thing that's keeping me from getting a cpu is the fact the shop claims its still good. Also I already got burned thinking it was my motherboard and being wrong. I need some sure way of knowing its the cpu.

I do agree with you though and it was my 2nd guess and my only

Ask how the shop knows. Did they try the CPU in another board?

If so, there's something you didn't replace.
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User Info: SmurfyZ

3 years ago#26
I think I'm going to take my pc out of that shop. I really don't think they know what they're doing. Today I call again and they (different guy) says he's working on it right now and that the power supply is bad and the hdd is bad.

Now here's the issue. I only just now put the power supply and hdd back into the build I tested both and had both working on a separate computer. In fact I had the power supply in another build for about a month with no issues whatsoever.

I really just don't trust this place any longer.
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  3. Took my computer up to a shop for diagnostics. (BBOD help)

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