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It's finally happening.

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User Info: MyDogSkip

3 years ago#11
VideoGameWayne posted...
I like how you say "finally" as if the first one was so long ago.

Exactly. It was a new IP and it only came out a year and a half ago.
Don't trust the smiling penguin!

User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#12
Never doubted it would. Stealth and magic go great together, had way more fun with it than the new "Thief".

User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#13
Dredj posted...
If Stealth is put into a game I am compelled to play the Stealth. Dishonoured's Stealth is so bad I stopped playing.

User Info: clowning

3 years ago#14
Mediocre game worth $5 US.
It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. begins to twist facts to suit theories.... Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

User Info: Rolen47

3 years ago#15
I was expecting something to do with Half Life 3.

User Info: Jocko

3 years ago#16
The oxygen's leaving my brain!!! --Clucky the Chicken
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