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Feedback on this build. Please.

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User Info: delux19

3 years ago#1
I'm not really looking to play new games. Maybe some older stuff. Mostly will be using this PC for internet browsing, watching videos and using iTunes. My current laptop (a 3yr old Acer that was $350) is now sluggish and slow. It's unbearable.

This setup is using an APU. If need be I can always upgrade to a video card down the line. I don't know too much about building PC's so looking for some feed back on this build. Will it work for my needs. Will the internet be lightning fast?( I have fios, but my Acer can't load pages very fast) Will I be able to multitask without any slowdown? It's about the most I can spend right now.


User Info: delux19

3 years ago#2

User Info: Lucavi000

3 years ago#3
I mean, it's ok for someone who wants AMD.

User Info: 32x2z

3 years ago#4
I would spend an extra 70 dollars and get 2133mhz ram and a 7850k.

The 7850k would serve you extremely well. To put things in perspective, when paired with 2133 ram, it can run battlefield 4 at 35 fps at 1080P. It's an amazing IGPU currently. Why not spend an additional 70 dollars so you can actually game and do everything else you've been wanting? I think it'd be wise but that's just me personally.

User Info: fiasco86

3 years ago#5
If all you're really planning to do is regular day-to-day stuff, that's absolutely enough power for a good 5-7 years.
Check out the Game Conquerors on YouTube and let me know what you think! Constructive criticism welcome.

User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#6
I'd upgrade to Kaveri and get faster RAM. Drop the case down to something much less expensive. You're not going to have much in your case to begin with, so there's no real reason to spend $80+ on one.
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