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Sound Card Isn't Being Detected by Windows (Doesn't Show Up in Device Manager)

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User Info: SampsonM

3 years ago#1
So I'm going to try to be as specific as possible:

I have two PCs in my house. Let's call them PC-A and PC-B.

PC-A is equipped with a Creative Xfi Fatality sound card
PC-B is equipped with a Creative Xfi Titanium HD

Prior to the operation I'm about to explain below, everything was working fine.

For various reasons I wanted to swap the cards. For both computers, I went into the device manager, uninstalled the respective sound cards, rebooted the PCs, then shut them off for good.

I removed the sound cards from both rigs and switched them (Fatality goes into PC-B, Titanium HD goes into PC-A).

With PC-A, everything worked fine. Booted it up, installed the latest drivers from Creative's website, and everything is running smoothly.

With PC-B, all sorts of problems. The PC booted, but then immediately BSOD. Restart, won't boot at all. Restart again, still won't boot at all. I take the card out, boot it up -- works fine. I go into the device manager, turn on view hidden devices. Uninstall/delete everything I see related to "Creative" on the theory that some leftover drivers from the last card were screwing things up.

Put the card back in. Boot it up, works fine. But now Windows can't see the card. It isn't in the device manager, and when I try to install the drivers from Creative's website, it gives me a message that says the drivers can't be installed because the device isn't detected.

The sound card is seated properly in the PCIe slot. The Creative logo is lighting up showing that the sound card is getting power.

Any ideas? I've found other threads on other websites exploring this problem in the past, but no one has found a definitive solution. It seems most people switch to using another PCIe slot or rebuild their entire PC.
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