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Watch Dogs - from E3 2012 to March 2014.

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User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#21
SonyHoundDawg posted...
Never been excited for this game. I don't think I have enjoyed one ubi soft title. I even got Ass Creed 4 and the new splinter cell for free and played them each for about 5 min.

Anyone else have a certain dev they just don't like there games at all.

Um, five minutes? I can understand if you put a couple of hours into it, but 5 minutes? Seeing as both games play well enough...I certainly don't see how you were able to judge the games off that little time.
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User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#22
DV8ingSources posted...
CatToy posted...
DV8ingSources posted...
Don't get him started or he'll list the 3 games he loved and tell us all why gaming sucks today.

But this implies that he actually likes any games at all, which given how literally every post he makes is negative, I'm not sure he does.

I'm no longer going to single out his posts. No need to gang up on him. I probably shouldn't have even said anything in this topic, its just a little frustrating to see someone so hung up on the past while also not giving ANY credit to what we have now. Jake, I'm sorry but you really need to lighten up or at least post something positive once in a while. I honestly worry for your health but, this isn't the time or place for a discussion like that.

No need to apologize to Jake, he gets this all the time....seriously....all the time.
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User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#23
You know, I think I wasn't clear in my first post, I was attacking the forum, not the game, right? (basically attacking the "lol 3 months is forever I just forgot it" crowd)

Watch Dogs is actually something I'd like to play.

User Info: exclusiveburner

3 years ago#24
Well that was disappointing.

User Info: killkount

3 years ago#25
" looks worse?"

First thoughts.
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