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What is the darkest game universe ever created?

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  3. What is the darkest game universe ever created?

User Info: stav8

3 years ago#41
Limbo - No escape from the universe
Final Fantasy X - great game but sin rules all. Plus probably one of the saddest love stories in gaming.

User Info: -Erika-

3 years ago#42
.Flow is incredibly dark.
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User Info: mayu780

3 years ago#43
second half of ff6

User Info: CaliberChamp

3 years ago#44
Castlevania lords of shadow. Because Gabriel killed everyone he loved. It doesn't get any darker than that folks.
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User Info: Tandirion

3 years ago#45
I'd have to say the 40k universe as well. It's likely the most dark, brutal, sadistic, hostile, inhospitable and cruel universe imaginable.

User Info: Concession

3 years ago#46
Darksiders is fairly dark. The prologue has the human race being driven to extinction.
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User Info: L_M_4

3 years ago#47
JangoRain posted...
I always thought Half-life had a pretty depressing/dark universe, especially the opening of HL2 when you start in the slums of city 17.

This, at least in regards to universes that are based on the real world. It does a good job depicting the state of humanity now that The Combine have effectively taken over the world and destroyed society.
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User Info: MantraChamploo

3 years ago#48
Burger King's Sneak King

User Info: MantraChamploo

3 years ago#49
Panopictonguy posted...
Dragon's Dogma. A lot of themes based on the Berserk Manga/Anime.

I must admit this gave me so much love for the game, beyond the fact it's fantastic.

User Info: Animorganimate

3 years ago#50
Bad Mojo. Being a cockroach in the real world makes you realize how disgusting humans really are.
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