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Recommend me a wireless network card

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User Info: zxblood

3 years ago#1

I think my current one is dying or malfunctioning (on PC) that it drops out for long periods of time , but wifi on my ipad works quite well.


User Info: murphy230

3 years ago#2
Any asus one
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User Info: Cobra152004

3 years ago#3
The TP-LINK TL-WN822N seemed to work well enough when I tried one out:

I've seen it recommended on this message board in the past. It has a smaller USB connection, but came with an adapter and worked fine for desktop use. I normally use a wired connection though, so didn't try out the adapter for long.

User Info: Kad-Man

3 years ago#4
I have a similar TP Link usb one and it works great gets a good signle even though 1 feet of concreat somehow lol.

User Info: neoamerican

3 years ago#5
murphy230 posted...
Any asus one

Asus makes good stuff.
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User Info: YOeastonYO

3 years ago#6
Asus pce-ac66. That and the ac68 are pretty much the best. Netgear makes some half decent pci cards. I had one from best buy last me a good three years until I gave the computer to a friend, and it's still going strong.

I had an asus USB adapter that worked great. No connection drops and played games well enough. I got the ac66 and everything thing is as smooth as butter. Those little stutters I got are gone and I guess I forgot what a web page loading fast was.

User Info: zxblood

3 years ago#7
cheers for the reply guys, I am sort of scared of gettin ganother ASUS since my current one is ASUS PCE-N15. Worked well since I first got it til now recently (8 months ish), could mine be faulty?

User Info: betatech

3 years ago#8
Personally, I suggest ethernet based devices over usb/internal. The main reason is because it's more flexible and drivers are less likely to be an issue in the future.
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User Info: zxblood

3 years ago#9
ahh i think my wireless network card may have been damaged, because my mum was vacuming the floors and she even vacummed the back of my PC tower, so would that have damaged the wireless antennas or something?

User Info: mikewu1

3 years ago#10
I have the TP link PCIE WN881 and its good.
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