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Your Unpopular Game Opinions thread!

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User Info: therealdman

3 years ago#61
* Demon's Souls is superior to Dark Souls.
* Resident Evil 5 was actually pretty good, even though almost all of the survival and horror elements were stripped from the experience.
* Visually, artistry and heart matter more to me than how photo-realistic a game's appearance is.

User Info: gh3ttfaf

3 years ago#62
- Final Fantasy XII is the highlight of the franchise.

- All of the Megaman games are incredibly mediocre, except for Legends and Legends 2.

- Bethesda intentionally skimped on content in Skyrim cause they knew the modding community would carry the game. User-created content is far more inventive than anything Bethesda can put together.

- Deus Ex wasn't that impressive. It was a decent game for a one-time-through kind of deal, but it hardly deserve to be among the best games of all time.

- Nintendo, as a console developer, will be dead in under 10 years. They'll switch to making third-party games for other consoles or cellphones.

rwfan2c posted...
- It is a crime that Skies of Arcadia and Rogue Galaxy never got sequels.

Yeah, thinking it's a crime one of the best RPGs on PS2 didn't get a sequel is unpopular.

User Info: DeathZebra

3 years ago#63
I hate FF5 and FF9.

I hate the Breath of Fire games. Breath of Fire 3 was the only game I've ever seen in which a revive spell can miss.

I don't like the original Sonic games.

I don't like loot especially in multiplayer.

I actually liked Ratchet: Gladiator. I think I've actually played through it 8 times. I can't say the same for Going Commando and UYA.
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User Info: Bron_D

3 years ago#64
- I hate the uncharted series.
- MGS gameplay is only a couple of hours long.
- DMC 3SE > DMC 1.(White Haired Dante).
- I already don't like Watchdogs.
I have more unpopular opinions but this will do for now.

User Info: viserdes

3 years ago#65
Video games can turn good people into murderers.

Video games are more dangerous than guns.

Video games should be banned.

User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#66
Keyboard/mouse is my favourite control scheme for any game genre.
All PS3 exclusives are stupidly overrated.
Final Fantasy 5 is the best in the series. Followed by 6 and 7.
I like pokemon games.
I hate all sports games.
I didnt enjoyed any Witcher games I have played.
I am not a big fan of valve games.
I dont pay for pvp only or pvp enforced games.
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User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#67
rwfan2c posted...
Been a while since ive seen one of these around. This thread is a place to post your Video game Opinions that are generally considered unpopular. (ie. A game you like but most hate. A game you hate but most like.)

And These are "Opinions" people not facts, so no need to rage on people.

Ill start with mine.

- I Hate Dark Souls

- I have generally enjoyed most of the CoD games.

- Resident Evil 4 was the start of the downfall of that series. I hated RE4 at the time of release and still do to this day. I have never finished RE4 and i have in fact finished most of RE6

- I really dislike MOBA's. Every one of them.

- I didn't Mind Mass Effect 3's Ending.

- 100% Digital Distribution will be the death of Video Gaming. Not Because of Steam or GoG, But the consoles can not and will not ever be able to be trusted with anything like that.

- Always disliked The Diablo Series.

- Can not stand The Elder Scrolls games, and in fact Skyrim was the first game i ever bought and returned on the same day.

- It is a crime that Skies of Arcadia and Rogue Galaxy never got sequels.

>Hating the Elder Scrolls based off of the worst game in the franchise.


User Info: Ventus00

3 years ago#68
I hate the last of us. Felt that the story was lackluster and wasn't even near some of the stories I think of while taking a sh*t.

Enjoyed mass effects ending, felt it fit the series.

Enjoyed all the megaman x games besides 7

Gears of war is overrated

Rouge Galaxy was amazing. (Mostly the weapon system)

all gta games are the same and are only fun for about an hr

Bioshock 1 was only okay

Nothing special about uncharted

Blaz blue is awesome

And to end of course story is way more important than graphics

User Info: HandshakeGuy

3 years ago#69
- I don't think Dark Souls is "fair" hard
- I don't care about the GTA or Saints Row games
- I've never played inFamous, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Mass Effect, Dead Space, and several other popular games this past generation and don't see the appeal to most of them
- I think the biggest issue with video games is how "good" they're getting. Realistic graphics < colorful, fun graphics any day
- Couldn't care less about MOBA's
- I think Shin Megami Tensei games are largely broken messes when it comes to balance
- I like the Wii U - though I acknowledge the lack in quality games at the moment
- I'm less upset at the Vita's library comprised of almost nothing but ports, and more upset that they're ports from the same generation or close. It seems redundant.
- Paper Mario is the best game to ever exist
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User Info: a_Wizards_Baker

3 years ago#70
Couple come to mind, just off the top of my head:

-Never understood the love for Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound, ect. If you have 'to make your own fun' then the game has ultimately failed in its objective.

-This has been listed quite a bit, but Dark Souls / Demon Souls aren't hard. The game design is brilliant though; reminds me of the NES Metroid, Castlevania, and Zelda (no direction, progression is based purely on exploration, ect).

-Ocarina of Time is vastly overrated. It felt like just a play by play rehash of A Link to the Past, which was the vastly superior game.

-I don't understand the 'Early Access' model; why would i want to pay to be a beta tester?
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