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Your Unpopular Game Opinions thread!

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User Info: bvstarmaiden

3 years ago#81
I don't care for Final Fantasy-anything after VII.
I dislike Diablo....ALL of them.
I can't stand anything CoD.
and Sega needs to die a thousand deaths for destroying Phantasy Star.
oh, and another thing...I really, REALLY hated Super Mario Sunshine.
and I will never play ANYTHING by Electronic Arts or Activision again.
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User Info: staleyoption

3 years ago#82
I dislike the GTA games and it's clones. It also saddens me when one of the best games of the generation (batman AA) feels the need to go in that direction.

Terraria is better than Minecraft.

Super Mario 3D World is the most overated game in a long time. It was alright, but it was rehash of a handheld title and it played like a handheld title. Not the Mario game I wanted and makes me regret picking up a wii u.

Story is not important to me in video games. I tend to avoid story heavy games like the plague as I want to PLAY my games.

That's about all I can think of at the moment.

User Info: staleyoption

3 years ago#83
Oh and I forgot. I don't own a pair of nostalgia goggles.

I have been playing games since the NES and even though I am pretty time poor these days, I'm enjoying gaming more than ever. Although in saying that I tend to stick to multi player games (mainly with IRL friends) and Indy titles. I maybe play 3-4 AAA games per year so maybe that has something to do with it.

User Info: GoreGross

3 years ago#84
Red Dead Redemption was okay.
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User Info: slayer_titan88

3 years ago#85
Skyrim sucks donkey #*$% and the only reason people like it is because it's so huge. (I liken it to an ugly chick with a great body)

Skyrim should've been rated a 6/10 by most sites do to the; horrible bugs at launch,boring combat,falsely lengthened gameplay time due to travel, and the voice acting.

I love kingdoms of amalur and think it deserved a budget like skyrim

Bioware is filled with self righteous A-holes that BS'd their ending to ME3. You don't get to say it's about artistic integrity when you change add DLC to appease fans. If they had kept the ending the way it was I'd buy it but not now.

MS and Sony need to stop being idiots and just make one console together. Last gen the 360 was PS3 light due to lack of exclusives, this gen the Xbone and PS4 are the same friggin machine.(plus I really just wanna see a resistance vs halo universe game *shrugs*)

dragons dogma is better than skyrim

friggin two worlds was more fun than skyrim

I reeeeeeally hate skyrim

The best Halo was the first

The best CoD was the 2nd

The best RTS of ALL TIME is Age of Empires Rise of Rome (maybe it's the nostalgia talkin but meh)

Kanye west is hilarious and deserves his own video game

Company of heroes and Call of Duty should Collaborate and make the first GOOD RTS/shooter Hybrid (kinda Like a battlefront where the AI is controlled by 1-8 players)

The Greatest game of all time (no caps this time) is Star Ocean the 2nd story. I want a remake of the entire game universe with the same battle system in 2.5D

I love E.T. the video game and I'm assuming no one is reading at this point so I'll say again....

I friggin hate skyrim and instead of taking it back to Gamestop I burned the disc in the hope that it would save someone from having to suffer through a single moment of that garbage
Proud PSWII60 owner and I love all 3....having said that I do love fanning fanboy flames and occasionally throwing gasoline onto said flames....just sayin

User Info: ggf162

3 years ago#86
The doom series is really f***ing boring.
J-"RPG"s don't deserve the title, when they are basically TBS games with adventure elements.

User Info: notSFF

3 years ago#87
The darkness of Doom 3 never really bothered me.

I liked Diablo 3.

I could never get into The Witcher.

Saints Row 4 is the best of the series

Borderlands 2, New Vegas and Dungeons of Dredmor are examples of doing DLC right.

Tales of Maj'Eyal, Dungeons of Dredmor and Sword of the Stars: The Pit are some of the best roguelikes.

Teleglitch's graphics are fine.

Soldak Entertainment's games need more love.

There are actually quite a few good to excellent indie games.

Skyrim is the best Elder Scrolls game.
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User Info: MrDietSoda

3 years ago#88
Mass Effect 3 was the best of the trilogy, hands down.

Morrowind wasn't that great. Fantastic world, mediocre gameplay.

Old games weren't harder, they were poorly made.

Dark Souls isn't hard. It's a memory game.

User Info: LoneCourier2281

3 years ago#89
I don't necessarily like Shenmue but will agree it was a groundbreaking game for Sega.

My favorite FF game is IX


Grandia III is one of my favorite PS2 games.

Fallout: New Vegas is better than Fallout 3

Costume Quest is one of the best RPGs I have played on PC

Xenoblade Chronicles is highly overrated

Portal 2 is better than Portal

I liked the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II
Who wants to play... Video games??

User Info: WimpyWeaksauce

3 years ago#90
Here's mine:

- Gaming as a whole has only gotten better over time, and is doing exceptionally well right now. There is no "death of gaming". Individual genres and companies die, but overall things have been on an upward trend.

- On a similar note, old games are NOT all better. You're just cherry-picking the awesome games. There were still lots of mediocre games back then, too.

- Lots of old, popular games are crappy in today's world. Every Sonic game, most early 3D games, and arcade games all suck. The original Zelda isn't that great anymore. However, there are some games that have aged well, like Doom and Megaman.

- Seriously, the entire Sonic series is complete trash. And its fanbase is the worst. For anything. Ever.

- "Professional Gamer" is a legitimate profession.

- Dark Souls is easy, you're just stupid or impatient. The amount of reflexes, memorization, or strategy required is minimal.

- Final Fantasy 13 was an excellent game. The criticisms leveled against it were true, but they were clearly intentional aspects of the design, and these "problems" contribute to the atmosphere of the game. The same goes for FF12. And Tidus. He may actually be the best designed hero in all of Final Fantasy.
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