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how's Planetside 2?

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User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#11
Jprime666 posted...
BF4 is a complete mess and has been since it launched.

Yes, it is.

But that doesn't stop places like Reddit from praising the crap out of it, and defending EA.

User Info: BeerOnTap

3 years ago#12
Okay so I just played it..
It kinda sucks.
Everything in the land is blue, washed out, and devoid of color.
It so badly wants to be Halo, and it's just not even close.
The graphics remind me of Doom. Yes, the original Doom.
And the action is boring. Not enough action at all.
It's the poor man's FPS.

Why didn't it allow me to turn on the particle settings (I think it was called that) in graphics settings? I have a 780.

User Info: pitt12177

3 years ago#13
Welcome to F2P games. Never come back.

User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#14
I tried the game at release, even joined an outfit with vent. The game was like playing musical chairs. All we did was go to a base with a huge group, kill the 10 people defending it, move to next base. Another group would just take the base we took 10 minutes ago, but we were already at the next base. Rinse and repeat for about 2 days of play, moved on to the next game.

Might as well play Battlefield 4. At least people defend a base because it has a point, to win the match. In this game people just play to get points, so they cap and move on. It reminds me of Warhammer Online where people just base trade all day long to get points.

Terrible game, just spend the $50 on a real FPS. F2P is a **** model, except for TF2 and if MOBA are your thing. If they had a good $50 MOBA with no unlocks, I'd probably play that too.
You can spend $400 on a console and $400 on a cheap PC, or you can spend $800 to build your own and have the best of both worlds.

User Info: ThatOneGuysHair

3 years ago#15
I have 60 hours in planetside2, and very likely a few thousand hours in FPS games in general. it's safe to say that planetside is a very different game from your traditional FPS, even battlefield.

in battlefield, it's possible to win the match/round/game/whatever. in planetside it's possible to win individual fights across the very large world map, but aside from capturing points and coloring the map, there's no real objective accomplishment outside of some extra points to spend on in-game equipment like vehicles and ammo.

most people will tell you planetside 2 is a group play game, like many MMOs. well, that's very true. having said that, I exclusively played solo (as light assault) and was still able to single-handedly do objectives: which is where I derived my fun.

the game offers a lot of flexibility in how the player chooses to do objectives, and is really kind of a "sandbox MMO FPS"

the biggest problems are the very slow progression of cert gain (they want you to buy premium) to buy new equipment and upgrades. A rapid fire grenade launcher for a main battle tank, rocket pods for the fighter jets, the ability to deploy an APC as a spawn point, two bricks of C4 instead of none, etc. are not sidegrades.

faction balance is a huge downside, the factions on every server seem to be uneven and there is nothing less fun than being overrun in an incredibly derpy zerg rush.

unless you find the gameplay fun, planetside 2 is not going to be a fun game.

anyways, I know OP already decided and all, but for any lurkers reading my post: I would recommend learning how to play before deciding whether it sucks
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