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Has a series ever been ruined more completely than EA ruining Mass Effect?

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  3. Has a series ever been ruined more completely than EA ruining Mass Effect?

User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#71
AlleRacing posted...
Ningishzida posted...
Omnipotent_Cow posted...
Bioware is good with characters and settings, okay at writing and gameplay, and awful at story.


I don't think Bioware has been good at anything since Neverwinter Nights toolset (the last good thing they did.)

Pretty much this. I still liked KotOR, but that was more the Star Wars setting than anything BioWare had a hand in. It still had a cartoon villain and was heavily watered down in terms of mechanics, likely because consoles.

Last good thing Bioware did was Baldurs Gate and even that was a bastardization of D&D at the time. AND they did it with Black Isle, not a solo project. So basically Bioware has never once put out something truly great with only their company seal on the package.
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User Info: WarGreymon77

3 years ago#72
Metal Gear Solid 2 took the Metal Gear franchise and grinded it up some. MGS3 was even more over the top. MGS4 finished the job by removing Snake's badass persona from MGS1 & wisdom from MGS2 and replacing them with a guy who only seems to care about following orders and smoking his next cigarette. Character development destroyed.

And Metal Gear Solid 4's controls are what really ruined it for me.

Oh, and The Sims 3 was garbage.

I hated Resident Evil Outbreak and RE4.

The Old Republic ruined the chances of there ever being a KOTOR 3.

User Info: KarnRX78

3 years ago#73
I'm still pissed off over Command and Conquer.
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User Info: Slayn

3 years ago#74
I wonder if people realize the co-founders of Bioware left at the end of 2012, they were probably long out the door by then.
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User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#75
Command & Conquer.
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User Info: Disastersaurus

3 years ago#76
I loved ME3.

The ending too.

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User Info: Kromlech06

3 years ago#77
SimCity, Dungeon Keeper
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User Info: drink

3 years ago#78
TimePharaoh posted...
Deus Ex
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Splinter Cell
Duke Nukem

which xcom? FPS or RTS
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#79
TheOtherGuyX posted...
You forgot Jagged Alliance. Back In Action was garbage that captured nothing good from JA2. A series that needs to be left alone.

Gothic series is another. G4 was atrocious and an embarrassment to the series, even if stacked against launch date G3 and its infinite amount of bugs.

How about Realms of Arkania? The HD reboot is so laughably bad, I think it was a troll at this point and killed whatever hope there was of the series resurrecting.

Pool of Radiance is the last I can think of. Ruins of Myth Drannor was so f***ing bad, it murdered a once great series and we never saw another PoR game again.

Played everything there except the last one and yes should have mentioned them all. G4 was buttcheeks.

drink posted...
which xcom? FPS or RTS

You mean TPS? Both. Enemy Unknown was alright but it was blatantly consolized for the console derps but at least it wasn't garbage enough to flat out give up on it. Bureau on the other hand was just terrible. I've completed some terrible shooters before just because I started them but couldn't even do it here

User Info: Oldschool_DBZ

3 years ago#80
Command & Conquer
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