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DO you use a controller to play PC games?

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I love using my wireless 360 controller for PC games, I do it whenever I can. Obviously I don't play any online shooters. I can never get comfortable while playing with a m+kb, the controller allows me to slouch.
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User Info: josiskrazy

3 years ago#122
Yes, other than strategy games I use mostly an xbox360 controller...

I paid for and built the computer, I can choose to play the games on it however I like.
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User Info: Maximoom

3 years ago#123
fatboy44 posted...
The last games I used my X360 contoller for were Sonic Allstars Racing, Trine 2 and Rochard. All games worthy of using a controller.

Really, trine 2 with a controller? you dont use much Amadeus do you?
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User Info: Cheater87

3 years ago#124
For Skyrim I do. I got one cause my laptop's left mouse button was wonky in games, so I got a 360 controller and then a mouse. So I switch depending on my mood and if its supported.
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