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What's the best Videocard you've ever owned?

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User Info: HedonsmBOT

3 years ago#1
I'm not talking about the fastest because obviously that's going to be whatever is in your machine right now.

For me it's my current and finely aged MSI Lightening GTX580 3gig.

I had never bought a top of the line card before, preferring instead to buy something that offered good bang for the buck instead of just biggest bang.

I bought the 580 for Battlefield 3 and would have been satisfied had it mearly allowed me to play that game on Ultra for 1,000 hours.

Instead this card has seen me through BF3, BF4, and now TitanFall. (BF4 was on Ultra, I just turned off AA to maintain a consistent Frame rate that was over 60 in heavy action)

I know it's getting long in the tooth and will need to be retired soon but I haven't had to set anything to 'Medium' since the day I bought it. It may have cost $850 but I'd say WORTH IT.

User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
3 years ago#2
probably one of the old 3DFX Voodoo cards.

or the ATI 8500 which was really really good.
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User Info: kelemvor

3 years ago#3
3DFX for me too. I saved up and bought an "All-In-Wonder" Voodoo 3 with a built in TV tuner.,144-3.html
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User Info: AnatomyHorror

3 years ago#4
Prolly my 7950, had a 6950 before it. Both have/are great cards. Previous cards were trash compared to even mid range cards at the time.

User Info: maybecalls

3 years ago#5
Won't take long to list them all.......


Radeon 9000 - Never up to the job, quickly replaced.
Radeon 9600XT - Unstable drivers + not really very good.
nVidia 6800GT - Alright, but some driver/shader problems.
nVidia 7900GS - Reliable, in use for four years.


nVidia GTX 460 - In use now. Reliable. Quiet. Has to be the winner.

User Info: darkskoot1

3 years ago#6
it would be the r9 280x i have now went from a 4650 to this so its a pretty dam big upgrade
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User Info: ThePCElitist

3 years ago#7
The Msi GTX 680 Lightning was my favorite for overclocking because that thing was a beast. I got the vram to 7,000 mhz and the core clock to 1295 on that thing.

User Info: bluemoogle

3 years ago#8
Easily the 8800 GTXs. They carried me an entire generation of gaming. Sadly they are both dead now, and I've replaced them with a single 9800 GT in that machine, which I used for about a year before building my current computer.
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User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#9
Definitely the 765m inside my MSI laptop. I've not owned many computers, and I haven't had a desktop in probably 8 years, so I really don't have very many to choose from. I probably had integrated graphics in the desktops anyways. I haven't bought an actual video card and installed it myself since the days of PCI cards.

Really impressed with this mobile card anyways. After seeing it in action, its great. I know a desktop would be a lot better, but this card does what I need it to do and more!

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
3 years ago#10
The Radeon HD 6870 OC Edition I have right now. I plan to upgrade next year but this will hold me for now.
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