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who would you say does better game music the west or japan

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  3. who would you say does better game music the west or japan

User Info: tiamat999

3 years ago#1
I have to go with japan simply because of dark souls and monster hunter
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User Info: popping4it

3 years ago#2
dark souls music is nothing special nor is its sound design. tho they do have decent voice acting because its very specific in tone.
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User Info: Fargoth272

3 years ago#3
Japan auto wins with Katamari obv

User Info: ElDudorino

3 years ago#4
I don't associate good music with regions. I associate good music with composers or studios that are known for good music. Squaresoft has traditionally had fantastic music, and I think that the game Ni No Kuni has really enjoyable music which apparently is no surprise to fans of Joe Hisaishi's composing. On the other hand, a lot of Japanese games have had music so obnoxious I've turned the volume off for certain sections of the game.

I've had music from plenty of "western" games stuck in my head, like Quest For Glory 1 and 3, Dune, Dark Sun: Shattered Lands... and frankly those probably are not even the best examples, but they're just easy to remember because they're in my games list.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#5
East. As great as the music is in western games, nothing can beat the music from the zelda series.

User Info: Dark Elf

Dark Elf
3 years ago#6
Japanese audio used to be way ahead, but it stopped progressing.

User Info: bluemoogle

3 years ago#7
Japan had the more memorable chiptunes, but I like the orchestral/full audio stuff better from the West. But I don't pay that much attention.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#8
Japan almost always.
Especially, in JRPGs.
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User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

3 years ago#9
The east in general.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

3 years ago#10
Tough, Japan though. I prefer some of the JRPG OSTs to any other really.

My faves:

Final Fantasy Series
Dragon Quest VIII

The Elder Scrolls Series
Halo Series
Mass Effect Series.

I actually struggled for three western examples, so definitely Japanese.
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