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Opinions and thoughts on a rig I purchased from Best Buy

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User Info: Conker

3 years ago#21
Like everyone else has said, return it. For $850 you could get something much better, including an OS.
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User Info: Colonel_Romeo

3 years ago#22
800 for that pos wow that sales rep ate a full course meal off your wallet. Return that thing while you still can.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#23
Boge posted...
Why do people buy a computer and then ask if it's a good deal?

Because they're people that buy computers at bestbuy

User Info: thetruth928

3 years ago#24
Return that pos while you still can.

User Info: phantasy

3 years ago#25
one thing is to just do your own research and never trust the words of a sales rep. All they want to do is just to get a sale. I am sure there are honest sales rep but they won't be working at any major commercialized brick and mortar stores.

Prebuilts likes to throw out big numbers at you. The bigger the number the more powerful people thinks. And sales reps capitalized on that weakness.
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User Info: fan360

3 years ago#26
It has a graphic card - AMD Radeon HD 8760 graphics.
Best Buy starts to sell PCs with graphic card or at least a 450W power supply PC.

Best Buy is slightly better now.
Power Supply 350W peak, 500W.
Is it 350W or 500W?

User Info: smelly_boob

3 years ago#27
TC, why not cancel the order? Also, you dont make much sense.....

You stated you tried to put together a build on newegg, but it got too expensive.... so instead you buy a slightly less expensive PC with considerable worse parts?

go here and pick out a build for $5-600 that will perform better than this one, add windows OS and you'll save a couple hundred bucks and end up with a better product.

btw, the only software listed for free on the website was adobe reader, i LOL'd at that

User Info: qeoijlijw

3 years ago#28
itt: best buy employees work on commission

User Info: Dipfoot20

3 years ago#29
The only thing dumber than buying something and then asking people their opinions on the purchase is ignoring those people when the overwhelming response is to cancel the order and get something with more bang for your buck.

I hate to go here but the fact that you just accept getting ripped off makes you come off as a weak person.

User Info: Lootman

3 years ago#30
I'm surprised I'm the first to say this but, is this a troll topic?
He buys a prebuilt then comes to a PC forum saying he tried a custom and for some unexplained reason went the way of the prebuilt then asked.
... And then selectively ignores the responses to return it.
\(._.)/ Hi, my name is Lootman!
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