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The human eye is incapable of reliably distinguishing any detail finer than 720p

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User Info: TiamatKiller

3 years ago#31
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User Info: ArsenicSteel

3 years ago#32
temgun posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
He's right, he can't see higher than 720, other people can though.

Yes he can. Everyone can. I can be ignorant too. I can say that there is no difference between 1080p and 1440p because I haven't seen 1440p, or I could say there is no difference between 32 kbps and 320 kbps just because I haven't heard 320 kbps. Or maybe I have, but I have heard a different song on 320 kbps than 32 kbps. This is how this works and it's painful to read those ignorant posts.

The key word is "distinguish". In general, we need to be told what the differences are beforehand in order to spot them in regards to some resolutions. It gets even harder when discussing native vs scaled. For instance, I know my TVs and monitors pretty well and can tell when the resolution changes but before I got used to them I could not immediately distinguish between resolution changes if I didn't do them myself.
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User Info: Mogu_Mogu

3 years ago#33
There's no lie about this, really. If the movie is done well and encoding is done well, 720p differences at the same level of detail as 1080p is literally undetectable to me.

The difference here is that 720p vs 1080p for movies is different from 720p vs 1080p in games.

The ability to simply fill in more details and flesh out certain things in the game makes a difference to some discerning gamers. For example, take a small fence line seen at a distance in 720p. You don't have enough pixel count to render it with good anti-aliasing and so your depiction of it in 720p is dumbed down when compared against a 1080p resolution of the game where those same details will stand out from the same distance and will be easier to portray to the gamer.

Depends on the person, depends on your attention to details like these and how much they bother you. But for gamers and games where small details like these demand attention, 720p is definitely different from 1080p.
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User Info: Volebamus

3 years ago#34
I feel like many people are still missing the fact that the TC from the other topic already agrees most of your arguments, but that he phrased his topic in a trolly way. He also didn't explain that his argument against 1080p was mostly against people who view TVs from a "respectable" distance.

The reason he's wrong is because people will view even large screen TVs closer than he would initially suspect, which will definitely show the benefits of 1080p over 720p as a result.
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User Info: BambooPandamo

3 years ago#35
I would expect this thread on the Xbone or PS4 board. Not the PC board.

Back in my day the PC board had standards.

User Info: Lucavi000

3 years ago#36
Vsauce is amazing.

User Info: JrTapia1991

3 years ago#37
many people during the hdtv craze a couple years back cheaped out and got 720p sets. I'm really not picky myself, considering I grew up playing SNES on a small black and white tv via RF adapter.

To this day, I still think tv channels don't broadcast in 1080p. I've done some looking up on it and apparently for years and years to come they don't plan on doing 1080p channels.

For gaming, hell yea 1080p maxed out is nice on the monitor right in front of you, but laying back in bed on a 720p screen laptop is fine for the majority of people, as well as watching dvds/blu rays on their cheap little 720p they got from walmart.

I agree odd seeing this topic here....the fanboy resolution wars are mostly fought for epeen by kids by their unwavering love to whichever console maker they ended up with.
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