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How does one break a PC/Internet addiction? (serious thread)

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User Info: Nicodimus

3 years ago#31
Aadrian1234 posted...
phy2jsh posted...
LordOfLegacies posted...
BendoHendo posted...
How does one break a PC/Internet addiction?

Take responsibility for your actions and have some self control.

This. I do wonder if this is a troll topic. Irrespective, why do so many people think there is some magic solution to every problem in life?

Just man up. Go outside. And stop asking the internet to give you a miracle solution.

Go talk to someone who actually had to get over an addiction before you start insulting others. It's not as easy as you think

If it was easy, it wouldn't take any discipline to overcome it.
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User Info: AlexTheNextOne

3 years ago#32
arleas posted...
Javelin posted...
Get a hobby that takes you out of the house.

This is probably the best overall advice.

The only way to cure an addiction to something like the internet is to keep yourself busy...if you're home you're going to probably have that temptation looming over you, but if you're out and about, you won't be able to just jump on the computer for "just a minute".

Also, if you're doing something enjoyable that keeps you busy you'll have less idle time to think about what it is you're missing by not using the internet.

If you have willpower you can set limits on yourself (such as only using the internet for an hour after you get home from work or school), but I think if you had the willpower to do that you wouldn't have come here asking how to do it.

Just find something to keep you busy. Learn a new language, learn a new instrument, do both (I'm doing both, but I need the computer for both, DOH), read more books, go play paintball with the guys...take up star gazing/amateur astronomy. Whatever it is should be something that you can feel proud of as an accomplishment.

I second this, I've had this conversation with myself lately. You need a personal project, something you've been meaning to do for a long time but kept putting it off, for example, to keep you from gravitating back to the routines you're used to on the internet.

Cold turkey on it's own, forced, without anything to fill that gap, will drive you crazy. Trust me, a random internet user, I know. Cold turkey because you're always busy working on that personal project you actually WANT to make progress on is absolutely doable.

User Info: reincarnator07

3 years ago#33
Get another hobby. Go pick up another language. Go out more often. Start playing some sports. Basically, just do something else.
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User Info: Sub Tank

Sub Tank
3 years ago#34
Why get another hobby when you can just get another addiction? Ever try gambling? I hear sex addiction is also pretty fun, as well as drug addiction. You can even do both together.
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User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
3 years ago#35
PhilOnDez posted...
Telling me to give up the Internet would be like telling an alcoholic to have one beer or giving a heroine addict opiate based painkillers.

Contrary to what TV and public schools teach . . . that's exactly how you quit.

You STOP doing it.
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User Info: Nicodimus

3 years ago#36
Sub Tank posted...
I hear sex addiction is also pretty fun, as well as drug addiction. You can even do both together.

That's the plot of The Wolf of Wall Street.
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User Info: Sc24life

3 years ago#37
Replacement is the best way to get rid of an addiction
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User Info: SleepComa

3 years ago#38
Lol someone said mandilon.
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User Info: Digital Storm

Digital Storm
3 years ago#39
Just stop. Find something else to occupy your time and your mind. I recently quit smoking and I haven't had any problems thus far, I just found something else to do.
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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#40
Replace your internet/game addiction w/ a heroin addiction, you'll instantly not care about the internet or games anymore.


I take a week off every summer and go hiking in the Appalachian Mountains in New Hampshire, usually do a nice 12 mile hike w/ 50lb backpacks. Great exercise and by the time you get to a place to sleep you're ready to pass out.
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