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How is this alienware computer?

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User Info: Mindbend8er

3 years ago#1
Im thinking of getting this computer. Can it run skyrim? Also do you think it could run games like payday 2 and most other games? Does it matter that it comes with windows 7 or should I upgrade to 8?
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3 years ago#2
I would upgrade the graphics card to the 765m. You would probably get another year out of it. The 800m series graphics cards also just came out. I would hold out a few weeks until Alienware makes a laptop with one.
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User Info: King_Gheedorah

3 years ago#3
But I thought any Alienware could run anything at the highest settings.

That's what people keep telling me!

User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#4
Looks similar to mine. Personally I would say that I love my PC with 660ti compared to my alienware 14. I don't trust laptops due to their heating issues. I personally love my alienware since we moved, I can't bring my PC in my bedroom since the phone line is outside of my bedroom and my wifi card is crap so I was stuck with it. I spend more time on my alienware and I have been able to play most of my games without hitches ( I only play Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV and Civilization V with a bit of Warband here and there). I played Far Cry 3 on it with most things high and no AA/Anisotropic and low physx and it runs good but framerates dip once things heat up. I also played Borderlands 2 maxed on it max but with hitches from time to time due to heating issues.

As something I used for most strategy and non-demanding games (I don't play most AAA titles nowadays) I love my alienware but as I have said, I don't trust it compared to my PC due to heating issues.
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User Info: weAREtheB0RG

3 years ago#5
DEFINITELY upgrade to the 765m. I have an MSI with that GPU and it does very well. I can play Skyrim with very near max settings in 1080p with the HD texture pack and still hit near 60fps most of the time.

User Info: A_Soggy_Rat

3 years ago#6
I came here just to say "lol Alienware" and I'm surprised nobody's already done it.
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User Info: anthrax360x

3 years ago#7
Yeah with a 750m, you could find much cheaper laptops with almost the same specs. The one in my sig was $800 last summer, I'm not sure why the one you linked to is $500 more besides the logo and a newer processor.
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User Info: cmczdub

3 years ago#8
I had an Alienware m11x and m15x and loved them both. If you like the bells and whistles they come with, they are totally worth it. If you want to spend your money on a little bit better specced laptop, go with an ASUS G750.

Like another poster said, upgrade the graphics to at least a 765.

Currently I have a ASUS G750 and I'm loving it. I got it for about $1000 and upgraded the ram and installed an SSD and its amazing.

I would also make sure you get an SSD at some point, they are totally worth it. I'd do a minimum of 240gb or so and keep an external hard drive for your music, movies and stuff.

If you go the g750 route though, you can install an SSD and then install the 1tb HDD that came with the machine in the secondary HD slot and you won't need an external.

User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#9
Oh yeah one more thing. If you really want laptops, please go with those other brands other than alienware. I reckon you are only paying for the brand and could find it cheaper. I think they got this brand they called sager or something? Also those MSI looks cool and cheaper than alienware. As I have said, I love my alienware but I trust my PC that is a bit older than it and cost almost 50% less than my alienware.
AC new leaf FC: 1547-5212-4948. Name: Miiguel Town name: Tower
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