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Do you name your computers?

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User Info: TheOpposite

3 years ago#21
I generally name my desktop computer like this: *Insert my name in all caps*SCOMPUTER and I'll put a Roman numeral on the end to signify which computer I've owned it is. When I had a desktop before it was the fourth one I ever had, so it was called *insert my name in all caps*SCOMPUTERIV.

I use a similar naming scheme with laptops, except instead of "COMPUTER" the name will say "LAPTOP".

User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#22
My desktop is 'Phillip-PC', my laptop is (was actually, I handed it off to my mom with a clean install and named it after her) Phillip-LT, and my netbook is Phillip-NB
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User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#23
Yep, usually after some robotic entity. Current one is named Cherno Alpha.

User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#24
Yeah, my current desktop is Balerion because it's a monstrous black case with ridges all over it.
Matthew 7:21

User Info: DarkAssAssIn051

3 years ago#25
yup my computer got a name its "computer"

User Info: Undella_Town

3 years ago#26
AlleRacing posted...
Yep, usually after some robotic entity. Current one is named Cherno Alpha.

this kid knows whats up

User Info: Alesandros

3 years ago#27
USS Enterprise

My Profile name is Captain Jean-Luc Picard.
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User Info: GoIrish80

3 years ago#28
I just use my first name and the date that I formatted/reinstalled.
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User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#29
Digital Storm posted...
For networking purposes, yes.

User Info: chase1234life

3 years ago#30
Yes, partly for networking, but mostly because it's an old habit and just makes it feel more personal.

My current gaming rig is Wolfen III. I built it for video and music editing/production. Since I use Wolf (O'Donnel) as a sort of pseudonym, Wolfen III made complete sense.

My Netbook is Mighty Mouse, and my laptop is Knuckles.

Then I have another (OLD) PC that is currently named Wurlitzer as I use it specifically (and only) for streaming music to my Home Theatre system (Wolfen III is in my room for various reasons), and Wurlitzer is small enough to hide.

Then there's the home server, Titan AE, and a couple others that are half-built/parted out.

My family has their own computers as well, but they don't name them, so they just have model names.

Part of the reason I call it an "old" habit, is because in the early 90s my dad had a computer shop. So at any given time we could have anywhere from 10-20 computers at home, and since back then, most computers were just bland beige boxes, we named them to keep track, especially custom computers we were building. The others were usually named after the customer and issue with the computer.

When I started building myself back then, I named every build, and I've done that ever since.
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