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The Witcher 2 Looks Like It's Heading To Linux!!!!

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  3. The Witcher 2 Looks Like It's Heading To Linux!!!!

User Info: ECOsvaldo

3 years ago#1

HOLY MOTHER OF AWESOME! First CryEngine, then Unreal Engine 4, now the Witcher 2! 2014 is the YEAR of Linux gaming!!!!
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User Info: bluemoogle

3 years ago#2
Yay! I'll call the other 3 Linux gamers, you order the pizza, and we'll par-tay!!
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The statement above is false.

User Info: Jonny2284

3 years ago#3
I'm sure the 4 Linux gamers who refuse to dual boot because Windows is the devil and thus didn't play it 3 years ago are well chuffed.

User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#4
I'd rather just game on Windows like a normal PC gamer does.
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User Info: TES_Nut

3 years ago#8
I've noticed a lot of games being ported to Linux latly. Steambox might not be a doomed platform afterall.
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User Info: AlexKidd5000

3 years ago#9
Gaben our new god has shined his holy light down apon us game starved linux users! All hale gaben! Our lord and savior! Let us overthrow the evil windows empire!!

User Info: water1111

3 years ago#10
how pointless.
You are born Free but taxed to death
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  3. The Witcher 2 Looks Like It's Heading To Linux!!!!

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