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Poor PC performance troubleshooting tips?

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User Info: Aeon320

3 years ago#1
Hello everyone. I recently built a new gaming computer, and things were going swimmingly (for a while). Recently, however, I moved back into college from spring break, and I noticed League of Legends was running sporadically, with choppy visuals and a widely variable framerate. I started troubleshooting just LoL, but then tested other games as well and found they, too, were choppy. TF2, BF4, LoL, and even just some indie games like Pixel Pirates.

I'm not sure why they were doing this, and so I used a tool to clean my computer of all nVidia drivers, and re-installed the drivers straight from their website. The issue persists, and I'm wondering if you could help troubleshoot.

One particular note that might help is that when I tried rebooting into safe mode, the ROG Bios screen came up and said that there was a CPU temperature error, and to hit F1 for more info/help. It did this both times I tried rebooting into safe mode, and it also tried this when I rebooted after uninstalling all drives. I just went into bios and exited without saving, and it seemed to resolve this issue. The air coming out of the back of my computer is mildly warm, but not even close to hot.

I'm just a tad worried, but I'm not sure what steps I should take to proceed. I don't have virus protection installed, but I also am pretty strict/pure as to what websites I go on (using Google Chrome, visit,, LoL's website, and the BF4 launcher). Please please please help! The main trouble was that everything was working fine before I moved back in, and the computer works fine apart from gaming.

CPU: i7 4770k
GPU: EVGA OC GTX 780ti Supercooled Edition
Mobo: ASUS Maximus VI Formula
SSD: 256 Samsung Pro
HDD: Old 5400RPM 1TB drive.
RAM: 4x4GB 1333MHz

User Info: thatauthor

3 years ago#2
never heard of Pixel Pirates, but if you're playing MP, it could be lag especially if the menus are fine. why don't you have antivirus? there are some decent free ones. you alos might want to look into Adblocker and Noscript.

edit: while Pixel Pirates might be SP, it's also Early Access, so that might have something to do with it.
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User Info: Aeon320

3 years ago#3
I just had a suggestion on the LoL board to check to ensure hardware didn't come loose - I think it was the fact that my heatsink was loose after moving in! It kind of 'popped' off of the CPU even though it was still in place. Testing now.

Can you suggest a good, unbloated free antivirus?

(Stock i7 heatsink)

User Info: Dawnshadow

3 years ago#4
Aeon320 posted...
Can you suggest a good, unbloated free antivirus? There you go-- a bunch of suggestions.

I was using Microsoft Security Essentals, but just switched to Avast today based on reviews.
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User Info: Aeon320

3 years ago#5
^^ Thanks! :)

User Info: Lootman

3 years ago#6
avast, and enable gaming mode.
There you go. Silent protection.
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